Wireless Authentication for Solaris

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Meetinghouse Data Communications, a developer of network authentication software for wired and wireless local-area networks, introduced support for Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating system in its line of AEGIS network authentication software. The company said that it is the first to offer TTLS authentication server software for Sun platforms.

Meetinghouse Data Communications claims that its AEGIS line of network authentication software is the first to offer TTLS authentication server software that supports Sun's Solaris operating system.

AEGIS is the company's end-to-end 802.1X security solution that is designed to provide secure standards-based user authentication for wired and wireless LANs in enterprise and public access networks. AEGIS offers both client (supplicant) and server (authenticator) software that is designed to provide secure wireless LAN access that support industry-standard authentication methods.

In addition, AEGIS provides an enhanced tunneling authentication solution, EAP-TTLS. According to the company, EAP-TTLS simplifies network management by eliminating the burden of client certificates, and leveraging existing standard user-name and password infrastructure. AEGIS Server for Solaris, includes RADIUS software and when combined with any AEGIS Client software, may create an end-to-end wireless network authentication system.

According to the company, its AEGIS client/server solution for Solaris is an ideal end-to-end wireless authentication system for service providers and network operators and the systems integrators that serve those markets. Service providers should be able to maintain their operating system of choice and simplify training and management.

Meetinghouse's AEGIS Client/Server solution is also designed to address weaknesses in WEP allowing dynamic modification of the WEP key while supporting legacy, non-EAP, authentication methods such as PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, and MS-CHAP V2 through the authentication tunnel. Meetinghouse's tunneling authentication solution should allow end-users to securely authenticate with standard password credentials enclosed in a TLS wrapper, protecting credentials against attacks without the overhead of relying on client-side certificates.

"Solaris is the operating system of choice for many service providers, network operators, and system integrators," said Paul Goransson, founder and president of Meetinghouse Data Communications. "Many are looking at wireless services as a way to help drive new and incremental revenue from their networks but critical to wireless offerings is ensuring security and being able to account for usage across disparate networks. By supporting dynamic encryption re-keying and tunneled authentication at Layer 2, service providers can improve security and manage usage."

Availability and pricing
AEGIS Server for Solaris 8 is available now on the Meetinghouse website.

AEGIS Server for Solaris is priced at $2,500 and includes 50 AEGIS client licenses. Additional client licenses and volume discounts are available.

This article was originally published on Aug 1, 2002
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