Ximian Evolution used with Solaris can now interoperate with Microsoft Exchange 2000

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Posted May 20, 2002

BOSTON, MA--May 20, 2002-- Ximian, Inc., the leading open source desktop company, today announced general availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2000 for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment. Corporate customers can now enable their Solaris and Linux users of the Ximian Evolution email and information management application to interoperate with Microsoft Exchange 2000, enabling full and cost-effective integration into Microsoft-based corporate computing environments. Customers can now purchase Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange supporting Solaris 8 through the Ximian web site at www.ximian.com.

Ximian Connector is a software extension that enables Linux and UNIX users of the Ximian Evolution groupware suite to manage personal information and collaborate with co-workers using Microsoft Exchange 2000. With Ximian Connector installed, Ximian Evolution users will be able to manage their email, personal calendars, group schedules, address books and task lists using existing company Exchange 2000 servers. Ximian announced general availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2000 for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment. This extension to Ximian Evolution Groupware Suite enables low-cost integration of Solaris users into corporate Exchange environments. (Press release)

"Corporate customers using Solaris workstations, often in large development environments, have expressed a strong need for a cost-effective way to make their systems interoperable with their company-wide Microsoft Exchange 2000 standard," said David Patrick, president and CEO of Ximian. "Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange used together enable these companies to fully integrate their users with Microsoft Exchange 2000, while dramatically reducing the costs of technology purchase, deployment and support for parallel PCs or mail systems that were previously necessary."

"Sun Microsystems welcomes the availability of Solaris support for the Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange," said Solaris Product Line Manager, Bill Moffitt. "The Solaris Operating Environment continues to provide an interoperable and open platform. Enabling these users to be integrated with the Ximian Connector is a step forward in interoperability."

Complete Integration for Solaris

Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange works in conjunction with Ximian Evolution, the premier personal and workgroup information management solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems. The open source Ximian Evolution 1.0 uniquely integrates email, calendar, contact and task list management in one powerful, fast and easy-to-use application. In addition to Solaris 8, Ximian Evolution supports a broad range of leading Linux distributions, including Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian and Yellow Dog. Ximian Evolution also provides extensive support for key data exchange and communications standards, such as IMAP, POP, SMTP, LDAP, iCalendar and more.

Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange for Solaris 8 enables IT managers and system administrators to integrate and support Linux and UNIX desktops alongside Windows clients for Exchange email, group calendaring, contact and task management. With Ximian Connector, Exchange users can define and manage email folders, propose meetings with and view free/busy time of other Exchange users, and access personal and global address lists. Just as important, Ximian Connector lets Linux and UNIX users overcome the limitations of previous web browser-based Exchange-access methods. Ximian Connector provides Linux clients of Microsoft Exchange 2000 with the elegant interface and full functionality of Ximian Evolution, including QuickSearch, vFolders, threaded email view, in-line text editing and synchronization with Palm handhelds.

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