RLX Technologies Introduces 1U ServerBlade Solution

RLX Technologies Tuesday unveiled the RLX System 1U, an offering that converts 1U of rack space into a high-density, a six-blade solution.

The RLX System 1U is designed to complement the 3U footprint of the RLX System 324, providing customers with the added transition benefit of being able to use already installed ServerBlades in a new, smaller system.

RLX Technologies Tuesday unveiled the RLX System 1U, an offering that converts 1U of rack space into a high-density, a six-blade solution.

Due to its size and density, RLX sees the RLX System 1U as an ideal solution for enterprises that manage servers remotely. Customers can also replace every part of the RLX System 1U, simplifying the servicing process in remote offices.

"The RLX System 1U together with the RLX Control Tower management software will translate into lower cost and time requirements for managing these ultradense ServerBlades. The RLX System 1U redefines how server customers will think of their 1U rack space," RLX Chairman Gary Stimac said in a prepared statement.

"Traditional 1U server customers can now smoothly transition to ServerBlades and immediately experience four times' better operating cost, 75 percent faster installation time, six times' better space utilization and increased manageability," added RLX President and COO Pat Collins.

"The RLX System 1U solution provides customers with a seamless method for converting their data centers to higher density ServerBlade solutions without changing their physical environment," Collins further noted.

The RLX System 1U is certified for use with Microsoft Windows 2000 for Web Servers, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, and Red Hat Linux 7.1.

RLX ServerBlades ships with Microsoft Windows 2000 for Web Servers or Red Hat Linux 7.1 pre-loaded. It can also be ordered without an operating system preinstalled.

RLX's Control Tower Management Software is available with the product at no charge.

The RLX System 1U is scheduled to ship later this month. It will be priced starting at $999 per chassis. The product is also available as part of a promotional bundle. Through November 30, enterprises can purchase one RLX System 1U chassis and two ServerBlades for $2,699.

RLX products are sold through the company's direct sales force at +1 866 759 9866, and from its Web site, as well as through IBM's Web Server Division (+1 512 838 5626) and to government customers through Intelligent Enterprise Solutions (+1 301 581 1098).

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This article was originally published on Nov 6, 2001
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