Sybase Introduces EAServer Plug-In for JBuilder

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Sybase, Inc., Monday announced its latest plug-in for Sybase EAServer.

Java developers who use Borland JBuilder can now integrate the Java development environment with EAServer.

Starting Monday, Java developers who use Borland JBuilder and Sybase EAServer can integrate the two applications using Sybase's latest plug-in.

Sybase believes this extends its practice of providing an open, fully comprehensive e-business platform.

"The availability of this plug-in is part of our ongoing initiative to offer choices to our customers, and enable application developers to now use Sybase EAServer with their preferred development environment," said Peter Hoversten, chief technology officer of Sybase's e-Business Division.

EAServer Plug-In for JBuilder is available for download for free at www.sybase.com/easerverplugins.

The plug-in allows users to develop, debug, and deploy J2EE applications on EAServer. It also enables the IS organization to leverage investments already made in development tool infrastructures and training.

With the plug-in, JBuilder deploys J2EE components (i.e., EJB, servlets, and JSP) and applications (e.g., WAR, JAR, and EAR) directly to EAServer. Developers can also remotely debug components and applications running on EAServer.

The plug-in is available for EAServer 3.6.1 and EAServer 4.0. It works with EAServer (Build 36110) on any platform and with Borland JBuilder 4.0 Enterprise on Windows.

Other plug-ins available from Sybase are EAServer Plug-in for Together ControlCenter and EAServer Plug-in for EMACS.

This article was originally published on Oct 15, 2001
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