Intel Moves Into Customized Server Design Market, Introduces New Servers

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Intel Tuesday announced its Server Design Center, an interactive, online tool for customizing server configuration.

Intel also unveiled two new boxed server products, the Intel Server Platform SRMK2 and the Intel SR2100 Rack Mount Chassis, at this time. Both products will be offered through the vendor''s worldwide channel program.

Intel Tuesday announced its Server Design Center, an interactive, online tool for customizing server configuration.

"Our customers have consistently asked us for help in two areas: sizing server solutions and configuring a server with the latest hardware and software. The Server Design Center delivers both in an intuitive, easy-to-use Web-based tool," said Mark Beckford, director of channel marketing for Intel''s Reseller Products Group.

The Server Design Center''s intention is to enable integrators and dealers that are members of the Intel Product Dealer program to customize server hardware for the unique business needs of their customers.

The Server Design Center engine uses a dynamic online configuration powered by Selectica''s e-business driven platform. It provides server building blocks with validated third-party server software and hardware components to enable Intel Product Dealers to cost efficiently build a fully configured and tailored server system. In addition, Intel engineering validates all Intel server building blocks specified in the Server Design Center in the hopes of increasing the reliability of each system.

The Server Design Center allows dealers and system integrators to build configured server systems based on a number of Intel boxed products ranging from the STL2 server board supporting dual Intel Pentium III processors with 133 MHz system bus to the SRKA4 server platform supporting four Intel Pentium III Xeon processors and up to 16 GB of PC100 SDRAM memory.

The Server Design Center also includes two new shrink-wrapped products, the Intel Server Platform SRMK2 and the Intel SR2100 2U Rack Server Chassis.

The Intel Server Platform SRMK2 1U server platform aims to offer increased density, availability, and flexibility. Designed for e-business and Internet applications, such as Web hosting and data centers, the new server platform addresses the importance of saving space. The server supports up to two Intel Pentium III processors and 4 GB of PC133 SDRAM memory. Sensors on the board monitor voltage and temperature and support two hot-swap SCSI drives that enhance reliability. Multiple drives, memory, storage, operating system, and connectivity options are designed to give system integrators and dealers the flexibility to customize the server platform to each customer''s environment.

The Intel SR2100 2U Server Chassis is targeted to service providers, parallel server applications, and other space-constrained, high-transaction computing environments. The 2U server is specifically designed to complement the features of Intel Server Board STL2, such as dual Pentium III processor capability, peer PCI with 64 bit/66MHz support, and integrated Intel Server Management to deliver affordable and highly available, scalable, high density servers.

More information about the Server Design Center and the two new additions to Intel''s boxed product line can be found online at the Intel Server Builder Web site.

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This article was originally published on May 16, 2001
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