SiteScape Releases Enterprise Forum v6.0

SiteScape Wednesday released version 6.0 of its flagship Enterprise Forum groupware server.

This latest version is 40 percent faster than version 5.1.

SiteScape Wednesday released version 6.0 of its flagship Enterprise Forum groupware server.

Enterprise Forum is a full-featured collaboration platform that includes threaded discussion, document management, chat calendaring, messaging and workflow management capabilities. Tim Butler, SiteScape president and CEO describes the product as "metaphor agnostic," as it allows customers to use whatever analogy they prefer for the collaboration environment (e.g., that of a room, e-mail, documents, or a file cabinet).

Version 6 bundles the company's workflow solution into the base product. This enables SiteScape to include out-of-the-box specialized solutions, such as Help Desk, Resume Tracker, and Sales Account Manager with Enterprise Forum. Previously, workflow was available only as a separately priced option, and it came with no prebuilt modules.

The other major enhancement in Enterprise Forum v6.0 is support for wireless connectivity. The product is fully functional on HTML browser-based wireless PDA devices. It has complete functionality and can share documents, participate in discussions, and use workflow capabilities to move information and processes to the desired conclusion.

Other features new to version 6.0 include:

  • An easy-to-use GUI
  • Quick messaging
  • Updated Oracle "portlet" and Plumtree gadget
  • Feature that allows calendar entries to be added to Outlook
  • "Instant poll" feature
  • Team workspace

SiteScape is also working with a variety of strategic partners: Oracle and Plumtree for portals, PlaceWare for Web conferencing, ZoomON for CAD, and AvantGo for wireless, as well as Compaq and Sun Microsystems.

Pricing for Enterprise Forum remains the same -- $6,995 for 200 users. An evaluation copy of the groupware server can be downloaded from the site at http://www.sitescape.com/forum60trial.html.

The company also offers WebWorkZone, a hosted collaboration service that Butler describes as a "rental version" of Enterprise Forum.

Enterprise Forum was originally developed by Digital Equipment in 1995. In 1999, SiteScape purchased the product. Companies currently using SiteScape Enterprise Forum include 3Com, Boeing, Compaq, and EDS.

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This article was originally published on May 2, 2001
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