Macromedia Announces ColdFusion v5

Macromedia on Monday announced ColdFusion Server v5, the latest release of its popular application server.

ColdFusion offers Web developers a solution on which to build and deliver the next generation of Web applications. The product is a relatively new addition to the Macromedia product family, having been added to the vendor's offerings after its recent merger with Allaire.

Macromedia on Monday announced ColdFusion Server v5, the latest release of its popular application server.

With this latest release, Macromedia hopes to demonstrate its commitment to the ColdFusion community and further its strategy of providing Web professionals with an approachable, efficient, and cost-effective way to develop dynamic content and applications.

"Macromedia is dedicated to providing Web professionals with the best possible solutions for creating dynamic, interactive user experiences on the Web," said Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products.

"ColdFusion 5 delivers on this with powerful new features that will meet the needs of experienced ColdFusion developers, and empower Web professionals to more easily move from static to dynamic Web sites," Lynch added.

ColdFusion v5 offers major enhancements in development, administration, and performance, according to Macromedia. A new integrated charting engine, advanced full-text searching, and language features will enable faster development of business applications. Extensive new administrative tools have been included to reduce the time and costs for moving from development to production. ColdFusion v5 also delivers a significant performance increase, with some applications running as much as three times faster than they did with ColdFusion v4.5.

In addition, this latest version of ColdFusion makes strides toward keeping costs down by integrating capabilities normally found in multiple server products into a single, highly productive and cost-effective development solution.

ColdFusion Server v5 is scheduled for an initial release in June. Professional editions for Windows and Linux, as well as the enterprise editions for Windows and HP-UX, are expected to be out at this time. Enterprise editions for Solaris and Linux are scheduled for release in August.

ColdFusion Server v5 can be preordered directly from Macromedia or distributors and resellers worldwide. Professional Edition will be priced at $1,295 per server; Enterprise Edition will be priced at $4,995 per server.

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This article was originally published on Apr 30, 2001
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