Turbolinux Server Now Deployable in Five Languages

On Wednesday, Internet infrastructure solutions provider Turbolinux released Turbolinux Server (TLS) v6.5.

In an effort to simplify global deployment, the enterprise-level server now supports five languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and traditional and simplified Chinese. Deployment can implemented from any of the five languages using the same CD, thus simplifying worldwide implementation.

On Wednesday, Internet infrastructure solutions provider Turbolinux released Turbolinux Server (TLS) v6.5.

"The growth and increased globalization of Linux requires a multilingual software suite. TLS 6.5 is the first Linux server software to incorporate multiple languages on one disk," said Craig Oda, vice president of product management, Turbolinux.

"This software demonstrates Turbolinux's focus on simplifying Linux adoption across multiple languages," Oda added.

Other features in TLS v6.5 include a mass installation tool and a journaling file system. This latest version of TLS also offers increased storage management capabilities that facilitate the consolidation of multiple disks into one large capacity disk, which can then be dynamically modified and expanded, and a graphical user interface.

This latest version of TLS offers IT managers a cost-effective solution while providing reliable and powerful server software for the enterprise. TLS v6.5 claims improved storage capability, increased stability, and expanded memory support, all of which are newly integrated into the base product. The flexible server solution suite also offers e-business, Internet, print, file, and database deployment features.

Pricing for TLS varies depending on customer specification, support, and service requirements. A trial version of TLS v6.5 is available for download at http://www.turbolinux.com/downloads/, and more information can be obtained from sales@turbolinux.com.

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This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2001
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