Sygate Technologies Wants to Network Into Your Home

In a move to reach the home networking market, Sygate Technologies, Inc. (formerly Sybergen Networks) earlier this week announced its partnership with Linksys.

Sygate Technologies Wants to Network Into Your Home
By Amy Newman
Managing Editor, ServerWatch
August 31, 2000

Linksys will now bundle Sygate Home Network software (formerly Sygate for Home Office) with its various products. This licensing allows Linksys to bundle CD-ROMs of the Sygate Home Network software into its full line of networking kits and other selected networking products.

Sygate provides Internet security and access management solutions for the mobile generation; Linksys develops broadband and networking hardware for the home, small office/home office, small/medium business and enterprise markets through retail and e-commerce channels.

One impetus behind this partnership, according to a statement released by Sygate, was the rapid growth of the home network market. Industry research firm IDC estimates that this market will increase from its current base of 2 million homes to more than 10 million home networks by 2003.

"With more than one million users, it is clear that Sygate Home Network provides an unparalleled solution. Sygate Technologies'' new agreement with Linksys will allow us to bring this solution to an even larger number of individuals and businesses," said John De Santis, president and CEO, Sygate Technologies.

The other driving force was the growing demand for solutions that address the issue of Internet security. Linksys networking kits currently include two 10/100 Network Interface Cards and a 10BaseT Hub or 10/100 Hub or Switch. These "unmanaged" hubs and switches do not offer the Internet security, Internet sharing capabilities or other features available through Sygate Home Network software.

Sygate Home Network offers a secure Internet access solution for homes, small businesses and remote offices. It enables multiple computers to share one Internet connection, one modem, and one phone line simultaneously. Key features include access monitoring, an Internet activity log retaining data obtained across the network, and automatic Internet dial-up. Sygate Home Network also provides network protection, creating and enforcing Internet access policies, and preventing hackers from entering the network. Sygate Technologies made ease of use a top priority in Sygate Home Network''s design. It supports all common Internet access methods with the expectation that as users upgrade their connection methods and bandwidth, Sygate Home Network will continue to meet their needs.

Sygate Home Network software will be found in the following Linksys networking kits: EtherFast 10/100 Network in a Box, EtherFast Switched Network in a Box, HomeLink Phoneline Network in a Box, HomeLink Phoneline 10M Network in a Box, and HomeLink 1M and 10M PCI Cards.

Linksys has an installed base of more than 300,000 Networking kits in North America. According to the industry research firm PC Data, Linksys outsells competitors two-to-one in retail and mail order channels. Linksys networking kits bundled with Sygate Home Network software is available from all major retailers and online retailers. Prices range from $59 to $99. For more information, visit the Linksys'' Web site, e-mail sales@linksys.com or call +1 800 546 5797.

Sygate Technologies, Inc., formerly Sybergen Networks, Inc, serves more than 1 million users through its flagship product, Sygate Home Network. The product was initially released in 1997 as SyGate for Home Office. In addition to Sygate Home Network, the company offers Internet security and access management solutions designed to address the specific needs of corporate environments, satellite offices and service bureaus, small/medium businesses, telecommuters and the mobile workforce. Sygate products are available from resellers, its Web site, or by calling +1 510 742 2600. A trial version is also available for download from the site.

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This article was originally published on Aug 31, 2000
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