Sun Releases Server-Appliance Management Tool

Sun Microsystems today announced the Sun Cobalt Control Station, a tool for managing hundreds of server appliances while easing the provisioning of new services. Coupled with Sun Cobalt RaQ and Qube server appliances, the Control Station allows service providers to marshal their resources more effectively, thereby helping to enabling them to expand their service offerings and cost-effectively manage critical server appliances across the enterprise. The Sun Cobalt Control Station is a tool for managing hundreds of server appliances while easing the provisioning of new services.

The Control Station virtually eliminates the traditionally time-consuming tasks of upgrading and patching server appliances individually by allowing administrators to control hundreds of server appliances from a single location. The Control Station both simplifies the volume deployment of software packages as well as allows service providers to offer unique payloads, data, or software services, thereby enabling organizations to generate revenue by providing customized and tailor-made service offerings to downstream and end-user customers.

To help enable higher quality of service, the Control Station makes it both easier to manage devices and monitor their status for failure conditions before failures occur. Administrators are also notified of system alerts and metrics that allow them to easily monitor the health and performance of systems of their managed appliances. Health monitoring capabilities are designed to allow administrators to monitor customized services by providing a way to monitor custom software payloads on managed appliances. Thus providing higher service levels, while better managing their operational costs.

Designed to ensure maximum extensibility as well as leverage existing investments, Sun Cobalt will offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Control Station. The SDK will allow customers, integrators, and partners to incorporate their own utilities into the module architecture and build their own control modules. These customization capabilities enable organizations to continue using their own proprietary utilities while using the Control Station to perform daily operations, thereby increasing overall efficiency while preserving proven practices and procedures. Organizations can realize additional time and cost savings by configuring the Control Station either as a multi-purpose device, running several modules such as performance monitoring and software management, or as a dedicated device.

Pricing and Availability
The Sun Cobalt Control Station will be available through Sun and Sun Microsystems existing worldwide sales channels on November 20. U.S. list price is ,999, depending on configuration options. The Sun Cobalt solutions are delivered through a global network of distributors, value-added resellers, and Internet service providers.

This article was originally published on Oct 8, 2001
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