Fujitsu Technology Solutions and EMC Team to Deliver Powerful Solaris Based Enterprise Solutions for E-Business

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PRESS RELEASE -- Fujitsu Technology Solutions and EMC Corporation today announced the signing of an alliance that expands the Fujitsu Technology Solutions portfolio of open systems storage offerings to include EMC's Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems and software. The EMC solutions will be resold throughout North America with Fujitsu Technology Solutions' SPARC compliant, Solaris-compatible Primepower servers, providing customers with a powerful, flexible and highly available platform for e-business and enterprise applications. EMC Symmetrix enterprise storage systems and software will be sold by Fujitsu Technology Solutions and packaged with Primepower servers for open systems enterprise applications.

"Our heritage of three decades of data center expertise gives us the unique capability to build solutions that can manage the exploding amounts of mission-critical data in the e-business economy," said Steve Weller, executive vice president and COO, Fujitsu Technology Solutions. "Our alliance with EMC underscores our commitment to deliver complete computing solutions and cutting-edge technology to enterprises, where reliability, 24/7 availability, and scalability are essential and any downtime can impact top-line revenues by millions of dollars."

Primepower servers offer the commercial UNIX marketplace the highest levels of availability, scalability, and performance to deliver investment longevity, business-critical support, and flexible growth opportunities. EMC's industry-leading Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems and software, including EMC Control Center, Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) and EMC TimeFinder, provide an information infrastructure that is scalable, flexible, and reliable enough to support the most demanding uptime requirements.

"The combined expertise of EMC and Fujitsu Technology Solutions helps meet our mutual customers' critical requirements by ensuring that their information is protected and readily available," said Todd Gresham, vice president of OEM and Reseller Sales at EMC. "Symmetrix and the full range of EMC's information management, protection and sharing software, combined with Primepower servers, provides a comprehensive and powerful Solaris based solution for e-business and other critical enterprise applications."

"This announcement expands the range of choices for Solaris users and extends the reach of Solaris systems professionals," said John Webster, senior analyst at Illuminata, Inc. "Previously available only in Europe, customers in North America now have access to the combination of a strong Solaris server alternative (Primepower) coupled with a widely accepted storage platform (EMC's Symmetrix and software) running in a Solaris environment."

Fujitsu Technology Solutions' resilient Primepower servers are customizable across the entire spectrum of data center requirements-from 1-processor systems for work groups upgradeable to 128-processor systems for the enterprise. Primepower servers feature a system bus with crossbar switch technology adapted from Fujitsu mainframe design. The result is a data transfer rate of 57.6 gigabytes per second-the highest throughput of any current, commercial UNIX system. A recent SAP benchmark utilizing Primepower and EMC Symmetrix shows that Primepower was the number one performing UNIX system over the past year.

This article was originally published on Mar 26, 2001
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