Community: CFP deadline for ApacheCon 2001 Europe is Saturday

From Ken Coar: Ken Coar issues one more request for sessions for ApacheCon 2001 Europe, to be held in Dublin. The deadline for proposals is tomorrow, June 2.


To-day is Friday, 1 June 2001, and to-morrow is the DEADLINE
for proposing sessions for the ApacheCon 2001 Europe conference
in Dublin in October 2001.  That means you have less than
TWO DAYS to finish procrastinating and submit that session
you have been thinking about! :-D

The call for participation system will close at 17:30 EDT on
Saturday, 2 June 2001.  Schedule planning will begin almost
immediately, so there is NO chance of submitting late! :-)

Speakers for scheduled sessions have their travel and lodging
paid by the conference, as well as receiving a speaking fee.

Only the session abstract is needed by to-morrow.
Required information for presentations are the abstract,
a copy of any slides/viewgraphs used ('session notes'), and
a copy of a 'white paper' written version of the material (the
'session handout').  The handout should enable someone who
does *not* attend the session to get almost as much information
as he would have if he *had* attended.

To submit a session proposal, log on to the ApacheCon site at


If you do not already have an account, create one.  Once you
have logged in, choose the 'submit a CFP' link under the
ApacheCon 2001 Europe heading.

PLEASE be sure that your email address and biographical information
are correct!

Thanks!  See you in Dublin!

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#ken    P-)}

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This article was originally published on Jun 1, 2001
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