PR: NeuVis Introduces NeuArchitect 3.0

BUSINESS WIRE -- NeuVis, Inc. today announced the availability of NeuArchitect 3.0, the cornerstone of the NeuVis I-RAD Platform. The new modeling and construction features in NeuArchitect 3.0 make it particularly well suited to solve key enterprise-level "pain points" facing Global 2000 organizations, including tying legacy systems to the Internet, building XML messaging-based applications, creating applications for wireless devices and increasing application development productivity. NeuVis, Inc. today announced the availability of NeuArchitect 3.0, the cornerstone of the NeuVis I-RAD Platform.

NeuArchitect 3.0 is a integrated set of technology-neutral visual modeling tools and technology-optimized automated construction tools that enable businesses to rapidly design, develop and deploy complex, n-tier e-business applications. NeuArchitect-based applications are highly portable across all leading deployment technologies, providing customers with unmatched protection against technology obsolescence.

In addition to existing modeling and automated construction capabilities, NeuArchitect 3.0 includes the following new features to meet the increasing application development challenges facing Global 2000 organizionations: UML class diagram import; database reverse engineering; JSP support for EJB environments; automated deployment to IBM WebSphere 3.5; code construction override; integration with legacy systems; support for JMS messaging (JMQ, SonicMQ and IBM MQ Series) and TIBCO Reliable; message encryption; message queue priority support; and LDAP Access Control

NeuArchitect 3.0 utilizes visual architectural tools rather than conventional programming to model and design custom applications, providing end-to-end, UML-compliant modeling of legacy integration, messaging, business objects, business rules, site workflow, user interfaces, security and process flow. From these models, NeuArchitect 3.0 automatically generates 85-95 percent of the code required for the complete application, based on customer-specified deployment technologies. The architectural model (or blueprint) of the application is maintained in a technology-neutral environment and can be modified and updated to adjust to changes in business model and market requirements. NeuArchitect's patent-pending TechBlade feature optimizes the automatically generated code for each specific deployment technology and enables the application to be easily and quickly modified and redeployed in response to changing technology requirements and standards, thus eliminating technology lock-in of NeuArchitect-based applications.

NeuArchitect 3.0 can automatically construct high-quality code for:

  • J2EE-compliant application servers, including BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere
  • Microsoft DNA platform, including COM+
  • Java applets; PDAs and wireless devices
  • Web servers, including Apache and MS IIS
  • Databases, such as Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase
  • Messaging standards, including XML, EDI, IBM MQ Series, MSMQ, TIBCO Reliable, Java Messaging Service (JMS), and TCP/IP
  • Integration with IMS, VSAM, CICS, OS/390 and various third-party systems

NeuArchitect 3.0 is available as a Professional Edition for ,500, and an Enterprise Edition for 7,500. Deployment pricing is additional. Prices are list price for a perpetual license. Subscription pricing starts at ,999. NeuArchitect 3.0 is available immediately.

This article was originally published on Jan 23, 2001
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