O'Reilly Network: Tcl Devs Wave Goodbye to Scriptics and Hello to Ajuba

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""Yeah, sure it's good, but can you make a living on Open Source?" Industry observers ask that every day, particularly in the wake of recent LinuxCare and Corel turmoil. Ajuba Solutions, formerly Scriptics, is out to model a happier answer."

As Tcl continues to battle perceived stagnation, will the Scriptics makeover to Ajuba reenergize the language or mark the beginning of the end?

"A week ago, on May 22, a press release from Scriptics Corporation announced its reconstruction of itself as Ajuba Solutions, Inc. Reaction from the engineering crowd that favors the Tcl scripting language at the heart of Ajuba's technology was swift and nearly unanimous: the "suits" had taken over, and the consequences for Tcl would be dire. This, in turn, surprised Ajuba employees, who expected applause for a move they had designed to improve community relations. How did such a divergence arise, and where will it lead?

This article was originally published on Jun 1, 2000
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