ApacheWeek: Web Authoring and HTTP

"WebDAV introduces the concept of a collection of resources to HTTP. A collection is analogous to a directory in traditional file-system terms: it has a name which ends in a /, and is a container for both normal resources, and also other collections. Collections can be created using the MKCOL method, which is similar to creating directories using the mkdir command."

"The mod_dav module adds WebDAV support to an Apache 1.3 server. mod_dav has been under development for two years, and is currently at version 1.0.2. The module has also been integrated into the Apache 2.0 source tree, and is distributed as part of the recent alpha 7 release." Joe Orton examines WebDAV, the distributed authoring protocol for HTTP, explaining what WebDAV is and the current state of client and server support.

This article was originally published on Dec 29, 2000
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