ANNOUNCE: mod_perl Guide ver. 1.27

The new version of the mod_perl guide is available:


PDF version (650pp):

  file: /authors/id/S/ST/STAS/Apache-mod_perl_guide-1.27.tar.gz
  size: 457620 bytes
   md5: 588452aaaaf68c074d51006769f3c6f3
(please allow a few hours for the mirrors to catch up with this update)

(note that this release requires the version 0.3 of Pod::HtmlPsPdf, which
will be automatically installed by CPAN.pm).


* intro.pod: 

  o. updated the long due credits section

* correct_headers.pod:

  o added a link to an info page:
  "Prevent the browser from Caching a page"

* multiuser.pod:

  o added a ref to "The User-mode Linux Kernel" project (related to
    running of many servers on the same machine safely to the system).

* performance.pod:

  o added the http_load utility section

  o added notes about latency problems with db transactions
    "Persistent DB Connections" (Rodger Donaldson)

* download.pod:

  o added links to http_load and Daquiri (only link to the backhand
    site) utilities.

* troubleshooting.pod:

  o foo ... at /dev/null line 0 (Honza Pazdziora)

  o httpd keeps on growing after each restart (Perrin Harkins)

* debug.pod:

  o suggestion to use warn while debugging (Kenny Gatdula)

  o extended the section on using strace(1).

  o documented the fact that Apache::Status shouldn't be used on
    production machines because of the overhead that it creates

  o extended the section: "Safe Resource Locking and Cleanup Code"
    with localized file globs example (Doug)

* help.pod:

  o added cgi-list subscription info (Peter J. Schoenster)

  o started new sections: 'Get help with Unix OS flavors -- Unix OS
    related resources' and 'Get help with Performance and Scalability'

* perl.pod: 

  o new: Understanding Closures -- the Easy Way (Randal Shwartz,
  Perrin Harkins, Stas)

  o Exceptions section update: Exception::Class and Devel::StackTrace
  (Matt Sergeant and Dave Rolsky)

* porting.pod: 

  o new item: "Return Codes under Apache::Registry" (Eric Cholet)

  o "-M and other time() file tests under mod_perl" -- added a nice
    TransHandler to handle the time resetting (Doug)

  o Adding local() at "-M and other time() file tests under mod_perl"
    (Andreas Koenig)

  o Documented Apache::Reload 

  o correction: PERL5LIB is not ignored when PerlTaintCheck is on

* install.pod: 

  o mod_proxy_add_forward setup extended with notes about
  --permute-module to make it easy to place mod_proxy_add_forward
  before mod_proxy (Larry Leszczynski)

  o mod_perl and php install scenario (Roy Nasser)

  o reviewed and extensively edited.

  o added an info about Aphid Apache Installer

  o removed the section about experimental compile option
    PERL_MARK_WHERE since it should go away with 2.0 (it's still
    mentioned in debug.pod : "Finding the Line Which Triggered the
    Error or Warning" (Doug)

* scenario.pod: reviewed and extensively edited.

* strategy.pod: reviewed and extensively edited.

* Minor corrections:

  o install.pod: (Neil Conway, Lance Cleveland)

  o perl.pod: (Pavel Shmidt)

  o config.pod: (Michael Rendell)
A new version of the mod_perl guide is available.

This article was originally published on Dec 8, 2000
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