Netcraft's August 2000 Figures: Apache Again!

From the Netcraft Web site:

August Results
(of servers with more than 5,000 sites)
Server Number of
Servers in Use
Market Share
Microsoft-IIS  3,888,59019.62%
Netscape-Enterprise  1,389,991  7.01%
WebLogic     484,980  2.45%
Zeus     396,637  2.0%
Rapidsite     317,198  1.60%
thttpd     222,282  1.12%
WebSitePro     102,185  0.52%
WebSTAR       90,450  0.46%
Stronghold       90,370  0.46%
Apache maintains its lead as the most popular Web server in the world, according to the Netcraft Web survey.

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This article was originally published on Sep 1, 2000
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