PR: JYACC Unveils Web-Development Tool POSSL (Panther Open Source Software for Linux)

BUSINESS WIRE -- JYACC, an international enterprise software and solutions company, today announced the availability of the source code for its POSSL (Panther Open Source Software for Linux) technology and the establishment of a new open source online community, possl.org. POSSL is an enterprise application development environment that simplifies the building of transactional, component-based Web applications.

CollabNet - a leading provider of collaborative software development platforms and services based on open source tools and principles - is providing its SourceCast environment as the infrastructure for the possl.org community site.

POSSL is an enterprise application development environment that simplifies the building of transactional, component-based Web applications. The POSSL technology is based on Panther, a proven development environment used by Fortune 500 companies around the globe to build enterprise-level, mission-critical applications. The Panther software, including an Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) component builder, is most widely recognized as a development environment for IBM WebSphere Application Server. POSSL's source code license is modeled after the BSD license; it allows unrestricted use of the POSSL code in both open source and proprietary software.

"By initially contributing POSSL to the open source community, we anticipate many future enhancements to the software and look forward to expanded usage of the POSSL development environment for Linux," said Rich Westle, CEO of JYACC. "The success of Linux has only just begun with applications currently centered primarily on Web servers, e-mail and print servers. With the introduction of POSSL, Linux as a development and deployment platform is positioned to grow rapidly, through the enterprise."

possl.org hosts the source code and open source co-development project for the worldwide POSSL community. possl.org is managed by CollabNet and serves as the coordination point for the development and testing of the software by providing discussion forums, software engineering tools, certified releases and bug tracking. CollabNet is providing its SourceCast collaborative development environment for the site and is working to establish possl.org as an open source virtual community.

JYACC's initial contribution of the POSSL source code to possl.org is only the beginning. An advisory board elected by the possl.org developer community will ultimately manage the site. Among other things, the Advisory Board will direct the activities and resources of the possl.org organization. They will also make decisions on behalf of the developer community and on the technical direction of the POSSL software.

This article was originally published on Oct 30, 2000
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