Apache Module Registration: ROOT Apache Module

A module has been added to the the Apache Module Registry database.
Title:          ROOT Apache Module
Descr:          Allows to embed C++ code into HTML
URL:            http://d-000631-pp.dhcp.fnal.gov/~onuchin/Carrot/
Version:        v1-00-00
Author:         Valeriy Onuchin
AuthorEmail:    onuchin@fnal.gov
Maintainer:     Valeriy Onuchin
MaintEmail:     onuchin@fnal.gov
Copyright:      GPL
Requires:       ROOT v3.0 , Apache 1.3
Keywords:       ROOT, C++, Apache modules, home page, www
A module for embedding C++ code into HTML has been added to the Apache Module Registry.

This article was originally published on May 29, 2001
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