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"Those familiar with Java Servlets or Apple's WebObjects will feel right at home with Webware. The program is very lightweight and easy to get up and running if you are using the included threaded server. ..."

"The MEMS Exchange's CGI-based Quixote 0.20 offers another web application development alternative. Quixote packages code and HTML together using Python Template Language (PTL). Simple in its conception and simple in its execution, Quixote is a good example of how Python can be used to rapidly develop and test an idea. ..." From the lightweight Quixote to the full-featured, heavyweight Zope and beyond, Python developers have many options when it comes to developing and deploying web applications.

"Some Zope competitors aren't Python application servers at all. One powerful application server solution is to combine Jython, a 100% Java implementation of the Python language, with a Java web application server. Using Jython you can compile your Python programs to Java bytecode. ..."

This article was originally published on Mar 22, 2001
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