e-smith: Turning your e-smith server into an Internet jukebox

"This document explains how to create an Internet jukebox based on the e-smith server and gateway, an open source Linux distribution. MP3s stored on the e-smith jukebox can be streamed or made available for download over a LAN or the entire Internet, with or without password protection. Multiple jukeboxes can be hosted by a single e-smith server, each configured for different permissions."

"Apache::MP3 is a Perl module for the Apache web server, which uses MP3::Info and interoperates with Apache to generate a user-friendly interface to directories containing MP3s. It makes it easy to display, organize and stream MP3s." This document explains how to create an Internet jukebox using e-smith and Apache::MP3.

"e-smith-ApacheMP3 is a package that ties these two Perl modules together into the e-smith architecture. It adds a new web panel and actions necessary to make the jukebox feature seamless."

This article was originally published on Mar 9, 2001
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