PR: ApacheCon 2001 sessions highlight new open-source technologies

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The Apache Software Foundation announced over 70 speaker sessions for this spring's ApacheCon 2001, the annual conference and exhibition for Apache-related and open-source software. The next wave of Apache deployed projects will be discussed at the Santa Clara Convention Centre in the heart of Silicon Valley, 4 through 6 April, 2001.

ApacheCon 2001 will provide a look at the future of Apache technologies from developers within the open source community, bringing together the key technology vendors, senior Apache figures and open-source followers and observers from around the globe, in response to the continuing evolution of the open-source software community. ApacheCon 2001 is the best place to find out about the new driving technologies for one of the most popular, stable open-source efforts in the Web space.

"ApacheCon 2001 is the best place to find out about the new driving technologies for one of the most popular, stable open-source efforts in the Web space. Open source software developers and users from around the world meet to build upon Apache's collaborative tradition and contribute to the future of the open-source movement," said Jim Jagielski, Apache Software Foundation Board Member.

Among the line-up of ApacheCon 2001 presenters are:

  • John "maddog" Hall, Executive Director of Linux International, will deliver a keynote on the topic of "Bill and Larry: Both are right, and both are wrong";
  • David Brin, acclaimed science fiction author and futurist, promises an engaging perspective: "Probing For Quicksand: How We Peer a Bit Ahead, Into Tomorrow's World";
  • Roy T. Fielding, chairman of the Apache Software Foundation and chief scientist at eBuilt, Inc., will give the "State of Apache" address;
  • Ryan Bloom, a senior software engineer for Covalent Technologies will be speaking about several topics including Apache 2.0, Apache upon Win32 in the round, Writing Apache Filters;
  • Greg Stein, an independent software developer spending much of his time with open-source projects, will detail the intricacies of WebDAV and Apache;
  • Rasmus Lerdorf, the father of PHP will teach newcomers the secrets of the scripting language; and
  • Doug MacEachern, the creator of mod_perl, will reveal techniques for building Apache modules with Perl.
A complete list of session speakers and online registration can be found by visiting: http://ApacheCon.com/

At the conference, there will be several informal Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, Apache-related and open-source software exhibits, guru speakers, and some amazing keynote speakers are all on the schedule at ApacheCon 2001, making the conference one of the top locales for attendees to participate in the open-source revolution.

This article was originally published on Mar 7, 2001
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