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The government sector has always required greater security, but now many private sector companies are also demanding a trusted network environment. For instance, a service provider may need to consolidate similar customers on the same server for management and cost efficiencies. The Trusted Solaris 8 OE, with its server virtualization features, enables the service provider to guarantee that customers sharing the same server will be unable to access each other's information. There is a growing worldwide interest in the Trusted Solaris 8 OE from network service providers, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, industrial companies and educational environments.

Additional Information About Trusted Solaris 8 OE Features:

  • Windowing -- Extends the standard Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and provides a secure gateway for the exchange of classified information via a user-friendly GUI. The trusted windowing system prevents unauthorized data or information transfers and also prevents unauthorized users from copying, forwarding or printing sensitive data.
  • Mandatory Access Control with Security Labels -- Manages access to information and processes it at multiple sensitivity levels. For instance, an internal record system at a healthcare organization can be configured using Trusted Solaris 8 OE so the admitting clerk can only view the patient's name, address and insurance data, while the attending physician can view the patient's entire medical history.
  • Role-Based Access Control -- Assigns administrative tasks to any number of defined system roles. These roles are functionally constrained so that administrators have only necessary and sufficient powers to perform administrative work, thus eliminating the risk of a potential superuser/root break in.

Trusted Solaris 8 OE offers new hardware support for all UltraSPARC III systems, including mid-frame Sun Fire servers and Sun Blade desktops.

All 12,000 applications available on the Solaris 8 OE, will run without recompilation or modification on Trusted Solaris 8 OE.

Pricing and Availability

The Trusted Solaris 8 4/01 OE is now available for the SPARC platform, starting at 2,495 for a two-CPU desktop license. For more information, visit http://sun.com/trustedsolaris.

About Common Criteria EAL4 LSPP Security Certification

LSPP EAL4 certification guarantees a moderate to high level of independently assured security in a conventional, commodity trusted operating environment. The LSPP EAL4 evaluation of the Trusted Solaris 8 OE was conducted by Logica, Ltd. -- an independent third-party. The Trusted Solaris 8 OE was certified for three protection profiles: Labeled Security (LSPP), Role-Based Access Control (RBACPP) and Controlled Access (CAPP). Logica's methodical testing searched for vulnerabilities and analyzed support and implementation for strong assurance that the Trusted Solaris 8 OE is based on strong security engineering and development practices. All major functionality of the Trusted Solaris 8 OE was included in the evaluation, such as NFS, NIS+, the Common Desktop Environment and Java-based administrative tools. To learn more about the Common Criteria security standards, visit http://commoncriteria.org.

About the Trusted Solaris Operating Environment

With more than a decade of refinement, the Trusted Solaris 8 OE is the platform of choice when separation of information and individuals is of prime importance. The Trusted Solaris 8 4/01 OE combines new levels of availability and reliability with support for massive scalability, sophisticated manageability and a high level of security.

This article was originally published on May 8, 2002
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