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   Paris, while the machines are sold through a telesales center located
   in Ireland. Round trip times to dellhost.co.uk from networks in the UK
   are typically about 50% higher than response times from well known UK
   hosting locations, such as [9]Demon Internet though still very
   respectable at around 50ms.
   One company that may have overexpanded is [10]PSI. Although PSI is one
   of the largest ISPs in the world, its stock price has [11]fallen to a
   recent level of  from a high of 0, and it reportedly has debts of
   around [12].5billion. PSI [13]customers are being courted with
   competitive offers by much of the rest of the industry.
    Baltimore & register.com form partnership to sell SSL certificates
   [14]Baltimore, who bought Certificate Authority [15]Cybertrust in
   January, have announced a [16]partnership to sell certificates to
   [17]register.com's 3 million domain name customers, and thereby
   challenge the [18]Verisign / [19]Network Solutions domination of the
   SSL market. Historically, Cybertrust's share of the internet SSL
   certificate market has been inconsequential, but partnering with the
   most successful of the new domain name registrars will undoubtedly
   make a considerable difference. In the first four months of this year
   register.com reached around 17% of new domain registrations from a
   standing start on January 1st. However, over two thirds of
   register.com's domains are parked and not in active use by their
   owners, and there is unlikely to be demand for SSL certificates from
   these domain owners in the short term.


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This article was originally published on Dec 1, 2000
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