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*) Add some more error reporting to htpasswd in the case of problems generating or accessing the temporary file. Also, pass in a buffer if the implementation knows how to use it (i.e., if L_tmpnam is defined). [Ken Coar]

*) Configure creates config.nice now containing your configure options. Syntax: ./config.nice [--more-options] [Sascha Schumann]

*) Fix various return code problems in APR on Win32. For most of these, APR was returning APR_EEXIST instead of GetLastError()/ WSAGetLastError(). [Jeff Trawick]

*) Make piped logs work again in version 2.0 [Ryan Bloom]

*) Add VPATH support to UNIX build system of Apache and APR. [Sascha Schumann]

*) Fix ap_tokenize_to_argv to respect the const arguments that are passed to it. [Ryan Bloom]

*) Fix mm's memcpy/memset macros, pointer arithmetic was broken. Patch submitted to author. [Sascha Schumann]

*) Fix mm configuration on Solaris 8 x86 and OS/390. Don't require /sbin in PATH on FreeBSD (all submitted to rse previously) [Jeff Trawick]

*) Fix building Pthread-based MPMs on OpenBSD [Sascha Schumann] PR#26

*) Fix ap_readdir() problem on systems where d_name[] field in struct dirent is declared with only one byte. (This problem only affected multithreaded builds.) This caused a segfault during pool cleanup with mod_autoindex on Solaris (Solaris 8 x86, at least). [Jeff Trawick]

*) Fix some make-portability problems on at least Tru64, Irix and UnixWare. [Sascha Schumann] PR#18, PR#39

*) Add ap_sigwait() to support old-style sigwait() on systems like OS/390 and UnixWare. [Sascha Schumann]

*) Add POSIX-thread flags for more platforms. [Sascha Schumann]

*) Fix some minor bugs in ap_strerror(). Teach ap_strerror() (on Unix, at least) to handle resolver errors. Fix a bug in the definition of APR_ENOMEM so that ap_strerror() can spit out the correct error message for it. [Jeff Trawick]

This article was originally published on Jun 7, 2000
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