Apache 2.0alpha7 Released Page 6

     the end of the parameters to execve() was stored in the wrong
     location, overlaying the storage beyond the newargs[] array and
     also passing uninitialized storage to execve(), which would
     sometimes fail with EFAULT.  [Jeff Trawick]
  *) Fix a bug parsing configuration file containers.  With a sequence
     like this in the config file
       <IfModule mod_kilroy.c>
       any stuff
       <IfModule mod_lovejoy.c>
       (blank line)
       any stuff
     the second container would be terminated at the blank line due to
     sediment in the buffer from reading the prior  and an
     error message would be generated for the real  for the
     second container.  Also due to this problem, any two characters
     could be used for "</" in the close of a container.
     [Jeff Trawick]                      

  *) ap_add_filter prototype changed to remove the ctx pointer.  The
     pointer still remains in the filter structure, but it can not be
     a part of the ap_add_filter prototype.  The reason is that when
     the core uses AddFilter to add a filter to the stack it doesn't
     know how to allocate the ctx pointer, or even how much memory should
     be allocated.  The filters will have to be responsible for allocating
     the ctx memory when they need it.
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) Add an AddFilter directive.  This directive takes a list of filters
     that should be activated for the requested resource.
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) apr_snprintf(): Get quad format strings working on OS/390 (and perhaps
     some other platforms).  [Jeff Trawick]
  *) Modify mod_include to be a filter.  Currently, it has only been tested
     on actual files, but it should work for CGI scripts too.
     [Ryan Bloom]
  *) apr_putc(), apr_puts() for Unix: handle buffered files and interrupted
     writes.  apr_flush() for Unix: handle interrupted writes.
     [Jeff Trawick]

This article was originally published on Oct 9, 2000

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