Apache 2.0alpha7 Released Page 3

     conversions.  [William Rowe]
  *) Now that we have ap_add_input_filter(), rename ap_add_filter() to
     ap_add_output_filter().  [Jeff Trawick]
  *) Multiple build and configuration fixes
    Build process:
      -add datadir and localstatedir substitutions
      -fix layout name
      -fix logfilename misspelling
      -fix evaluation of installation dir variables and
      -replace  by  to be usefull in the makefile
    Cross compile:
      -add rules for cross-compiling in rules.mk. Okay, rule to check for
        is still missing
      -use CHECK_TOOL instead of CHECK_PROG for ranlib
      -add missing "AR=@AR@" to severaly Makefile.in's
      -cache result for "struct rlimit"
      -compile all helper programs with native and cross compiler
       and use the native version to generate header file
     ["R|diger" Kuhlmann <Tadu@gmx.de>]
  *) Prepare our autoconf setup for autoconf 2.14a and for cross-
     ["R|diger" Kuhlmann <Tadu@gmx.de>]
  *) Fix a bug where a client which only sends \n to delimit header
     lines (netcat) gets a strange looking HTTP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
     message.  Start working on ebcdic co-existance with input
     [William Rowe, Greg Ames]
  *) If mod_so is enabled in the server always create libexec, even
     if there are no modules installed in this directory.  This is a
     requirement for APXS to work correctly.
     [Ryan Bloom]           

  *) Connection oriented output filters are now stored in the
     conn_rec instead of the request_rec.  This allows us to add the
     output filter in the pre-connection phase instead of the
     post_read_request phase, which keeps us from trying to write an
     error page before we have a filter to write to the network.
     [Ryan Bloom, Jeff Trawick, and Greg Ames]
  *) Cleaning up an mmap bucket no longer deletes the mmap.  An
     mmap can be used across multiple buckets (default_handler with

This article was originally published on Oct 9, 2000

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