Apache 2.0alpha5 Released Page 4

  *) Integrate the mod_dav module for WebDAV protocol handling. This
     adds the dav and dav_fs modules, the SDBM library, and additional
     XML handling utilities. [Greg Stein]

  *) Clean out obsolete names (from httpd.h) for the HTTP Status Codes
     [Greg Stein]

  *) Update the lib/expat-lite/ library (bring forward changes from
     the Apache 1.3 repository). [Greg Stein]

  *) If sizeof(long long) == sizeof(long), then prefer long in APR
     configure.in.  [Dave Hill ]

  *) Add ap_sendfile for Tru64 Unix.  Also, add an error message for
     machines where sendfile is detected, but nobody has written ap_sendfile.
     [Dave Hill ]

  *) Compile fixes in mod_mmap_static.  [Victor J. Orlikowski]

  *) ab would start up more connections than needed, then quit when the
     desired number were finished. Also fixed a logic error involving
     ab keepalives.  [Victor J. Orlikowski]

  *) WinNT: Implement non-blocking pipes with timeouts to communicate
     with CGIs. Apache 2.0a4 had non-blocking pipes but without 
     timeouts (i.e, if a timeout was specified, the pipe reverted to
     a full blocking pipe). Now the behaviour is more in line with
     Unix non-blocking pipes.
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) WinNT: Implement accept socket reuse. Using mod_file_cache to
     cache open file handles along with accept socket reuse enables
     Apache 2.0 to serve non-keepalive requests for static files at
     3x the rate of Apache 1.3.(e.g, Apache 1.3 will serve 400 rps
     and Apache 2.0 will serve almost 1200 rps on my system).
     [Bill Stoddard]

  *) Merge mod_mmap_static function into mod_file_cache. mod_file_cache
     supports two config directives, mmapfile (same behavious as
     mod_mmap_static) and cachefile. Use the cachefile directive
     to cache open file handles. This directive only works on systems
     that have implemented the ap_sendfile API. cachefile works today

This article was originally published on Aug 5, 2000

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