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   how good the vendors are at running their own kit. The list of
   [15]hosting locations with the highest average uptimes currently finds
   [16]VA Linux in sixth place, [17]Sun Microsystems at ninth, and
   [18]Microsoft at twenty-fifth, all in front of many of the established
   colocation and managed hosting companies. Each of these sites runs
   only their own operating system. Arguably, running a consistent
   platform, irrespective of which one, helps stability, and leads to a
   more informed and confident operational environment.
   It is also apparent that vendors choose their reference sites
   extremely well. [19]Starbucks has the best uptime of any Windows 2000
   site that we have seen on the internet, while [20]slashdot.org has
   seen a pronounced improvement in stability over the last year.


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This article was originally published on Nov 1, 2000
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