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Posted Apr 27, 2001

          Format specs (Collector #2188)

    Zope 2.3.2 beta 2

      Bugs fixed

        - Fixed Catalog "object does not support item deletion" bug.

    Zope 2.3.2 beta 1

      Bugs Fixed

        - Catalog field index bug fixed.

        - Fixed several places where filesystem paths were assembled
          in a non-portable way.

        - Fixed some places in SimpleItem that assumed that the object
          was an Acquirer.

        - Fixed layout problem in StandardCacheManagers/dtml/propsRCM.dtml
          (Collector #2152)

        - Fix bug in AcceleratedHTTPCacheManager. Sended HTTP headers
          were depending on locale settings (Collector #2142)
        - GoLIVE is unable to handle some empty properties send from 
          the Zope's WebDAV server. (getlastmodified is no more send 
          when they are not available for an object)
          (Collector #2150)

        - added globbing support for the FTP server
        - added support for fetching recursive listings from the FTP server
          (needed by ncftp)

        - fixed handling of broken objects in the WebDAV server
        - An ambiguous timezone alias (CDT) was removed from DateTime.

        - It was not possible to pass 'class=...' to the tag() method 
          of Image objects because 'class' is a Python reserved word. 
          Image.tag() now accepts an optional 'css_class' argument 
          that is turned into a 'class' attribute on the resulting tag 
          to work around this.

        - Fixed various places where the right tabs were not highlighted 
          after form submissions.

        - The code that produces the data for the security settings 
          form included a misleading default ('Manager') that could 
          make it looks as though Manager had a permission in a 
          subobject when that permission had actually been denied 
          in a higher level object. This only affected the form 
          generated, not the actual security settings in effect.

        - The textarea resizing buttons for DTML objects and scripts 
          were not preserving work done in the text area during the 

        - Some changes were made to the implemenation of User.allowed(), 
          which will make it less expensive to do local role matching 
          and also resolves an issue noted in the 
          UserProgrammableSecurityObjects proposal on dev.zope.org.

        - A problem in the bytecode munging done by Python scripts 
          that could cause a core dump was fixed.

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