Monitoring Paessler PRTG: Product Overview and Insight

Paessler PRTG: Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

Paessler PRTG is a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to monitor servers of all types including both physical and application servers including mail, web, database and virtual servers.

While PRTG, which originally was an acronym for Paessler Router Traffic Grapher, is perhaps best known as a traffic monitor for networks, in 2019 it’s much more. PRTG is a broad monitoring solution that can handle networking, cloud and servers, as well as databases.

The ability to monitor servers and network assets from a common dashboard is seen as a useful feature by many users. Easy of deployment is also often cited as a positive aspect of PRTG. A key differentiator cited by users for PRTG overall is the platform’s overall ease-of-use.

PRTG also provides IT administrators with an understanding of utilization to help with capacity planning. That ability can help organizations to determine when there is a need to scale up (or down) with new resources.

Service Description:

An all-in-one server monitoring platform that can provide insight into the performance and overall health of both physical and virtual server infrastructure.


Server Performance Monitoring:
Server performance, CPU, memory and disk monitoring for overall health and performance. Predefined sensors for server vendors include HP Proliant, Dell PowerEdge, Cisco USC and IBM System X.

Server Room Equipment Monitoring
Multiple types of server room sensors including Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) System Health sensors for temperature, fan and power monitoring capabilities. Monitoring of server room environmental system including smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Alerts can be sent via e-mail or SMS alert feature, providing insight into where errors are located.

Capacity Planning
Utilization monitoring shown in dashboard charts provide detailed reports on capacity and can help to identify when more resources are required.

Application Server Monitoring
Mail, web, file and database server monitoring capabilities.


Installed application on Windows, hosted version is also available.


Dedicated support team responds inside of 24 hrs and also provides online support documentation.

Use Cases:

Server and IT network and asset monitoring with multiple language options including: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.


Paessler has six standard pricing levels that vary based on the number of sensors. There is a free unsupported version that can be used with up to 100 sensors. PRT500 is the entry level for commercial support at $1,600 for 500 sensors. The PRTG XL1 license tier is $14,000 and supports unlimited sensors.

Paessler PRTG

Workload Support

physical and virtual


on-premises or hosted

Key Differentiator

Ease of use


Free monitoring for up to 100 sensors; $1,600 for 500 sensors; 14,500 for unlimited sensors

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