BW: Cybernet's NetMAX Introduces New Linux-Based Internet Appliance Enterprise Software

"Cybernet Systems today launched its latest NetMAX product line, aimed at providing simple and easy-to-use software to users ranging from advanced small businesses to larger and more complex enterprise work groups."

New NetMAX Professional Software Suites Dramatically Simplify Internet Server and Firewall Installation and Management for Business Networks.

"The NetMAX Firewall ProSuite and NetMAX Internet Server ProSuite expand NetMAX's business solutions, allowing users to secure, connect and share their networks through a variety of customizable features. These software solutions deliver the power and reliability of the Linux operating system, yet dramatically simplify installation, configuration and management. While lowering administration time and overhead, the new NetMAX ProSuites ensure that customers get all of the Linux benefits without the inconvenience or complications...."

The NetMAX Internet Server ProSuite includes and installs the popular Apache web server and the Sendmail email server. It offers small and mid-size companies and enterprise work groups a simple process for establishing a fully functional and secure web, e-mail and FTP server with just a few mouse clicks. The user can operate an unlimited number of virtual domains per IP address, drastically lowering business costs. And with a fully functional Network News Transport Protocol (NNTP) feature, users can access the host server to read and participate in newsgroups as well as hold private discussion groups on an internal network."

This article was originally published on Jun 7, 2000
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