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IBM System x Server Buyer's Guide
IBM has taken to the road with the message that Intel's Nehalem EX processors coupled with Big Blue's system engineering talents has resulted in a platform well-suited for virtualization, consolidation and mission-critical applications. Does the server hardware live up to the praise?

The 'New Normal' for Server Hardware
Analysts are predicting grim IT spending picture with longer life spans for server hardware, postponed refreshes and a surge in leasing highly likely.

Intel Xeon 7500 Series x86 Server Processor Buyers Guide
Hard-Core Hardware: "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound" -- will Nehalem EX be the cornerstone in x86 servers that are really as good as Intel claims?

Dell Expands Cloud Computing and Services Strategy
New servers designed for cloud computing environments and an expanding focus on services show Dell is following the same model as IBM and HP.

Beyond x86 Servers: Should You Take a RISC?
As x86 servers increasingly dominate the landscape, is there room for RISC? Absolutely, says one prominent analyst.

Cisco Planning New Westmere-Based x86 Servers
A new series of Cisco's x86 servers said to provide double-digit performance gains will be formally announced in the coming weeks.

Fujitsu Introduces Xeon-Based Cloud Computing Servers
Facing an uphill fight against titans IBM, HP and Dell, the Japanese systems vendor believes it has its own secret sauce to take on the data center and gain cloud computing market share.

SGI Resurrects Origin x86 Server Line With New Xeons
The classic brand is reborn as a super-dense, all-in-one x86 server with an integrated SAN, while larger siblings will sport more than 1,000 cores for virtualized environments.

Dell Launches Low-Maintenance x86 Servers
Dell wants to help admins spend less time keeping x86 servers running. A new crop of Westmere-processor-based, self-healing machines are designed to be deployed and ignored.

RISC to x86 Server Migration Buyer's Guide
As UNIX- and RISC-based servers lose ground to x86, should you consider making the switch? Is it the beginning of the end for UNIX servers?

x86 Servers Lead Nascent Global Server Sales Resurgence
After a year of spiraling toward the ground, server sales may be pulling out of the dive, with x86 servers leading the pack. Revenue continued to fall, yet it's still progress.

Server Room Management in a Post-Sun Oracle World
With Sun now part of Oracle, how much has its server line up changed? Not at all -- at least not yet. We look down the road to evaluate the changes likely to have an impact on server room management decisions.

Boosting Storage Backup Speed on Virtual Servers
With virtual servers on almost every enterprise's road map, backup-related issues are increasingly on the radar.

Intel Server Buyers Guide
Sure, Intel is inside the box, but did you know sometimes Intel is the box? Here are five servers that the company best known for its chips sells to OEMs and other resellers. Is one of these right for you?

Fujitsu Primergy TX150 S7 and RX100 R6 Buyer's Guide
Two new single-socket servers from Fujitsu are aimed at two very different markets.

Cisco UCS Buyer's Guide
Cisco entered the server market in 2009 with its Unified Computing System, a series of blades and a chassis designed to simplify deployment, particularly for virtualized environments. See how its offerings compare to those of the more established players.

2009 Datacenter Recap, What to Expect in 2010
Many lessons in managing computer centers the size of a football field were learned this year. How much of that will stick in 2010?

Dell Continues to Rise
Server Snapshot: Dell has pushed Sun out of the No. 3 server spot. Given the OEM's new array of products, will it be long before Dell's ascendancy places it at IBM's and HP's backs?

Liquid Computing Flows Into the Unified Systems Market
Hard-Core Hardware: Cisco Unified Computing System and HP BladeSystem currently lead in the all-in-one box market, but they may soon face stiff competition from upstart Liquid Computing.

Tape vs. Disk: Tape Refuses to be Evicted
Like a tenant who refuses to be evicted from an area earmarked for redevelopment, tape is alive and kicking. When it comes to long-term backup retention and archiving, it is holding its own against dedupe — especially among large enterprises.

Solar Power Your Data Center Into the Future
Hard-Core Hardware: The age of solar power is fast arriving, and it may be keeping the lights on in a data center near you. The former downsides, chiefly cost constraints, no longer apply.

How Virtualization Exacerbates Fragmentation
Hard-Core Hardware: Disk fragmentation is a significant problem for many data centers. Virtualization only makes it worse. Find out what steps you can take to mitigate it.

Penguin's HPC Waddle
Server Snapshot: Penguin Computing has always, as its name implies, focused on developing best practices for Linux-based systems, software and services, particularly in the HPC space.

For NEC, Two Is Cheaper Than One
Hard-Core Hardware: Can NEC make the economic case for its new fault-tolerant servers?

x86: 30 years and Still Going Strong
Few technologies last 30 years, let alone become more dominant with each passing one, but the x86 architecture has done just that.

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