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Linux Server Management Nightmare: Attack of the Killer Penguins
OS Roundup: When it comes to Linux server management, if your Red Hat Enterprise Linux distro isn't supported by Red Hat, is it still Red Hat Linux, or is it 'Frankenstein Linux'?

Will MeeGo Overcome Common Open-Source Software Pitfall?
OS Round Up: Despite the strength of backers Intel and Nokia, Meego has already fallen prey to a common open-source software pitfall -- a moronic name. Can it overcome its nomenclature handicap and help make Linux the OS of choice for mobile computing?

Can IBM Digest the UNIX Server Trifecta?
OS Roundup: The UNIX server market is steadily shrinking, yet the three top heavyweights are about to launch new products. It's a dog-eat-dog market, and IBM has already nibbled at Solaris. Is HP-UX the next course for this seemingly large and aggressive mutt?

Why Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Cloud Say, 'Supersize Me'
OS Roundup: Supersizing is out of style in the restaurant world, but Apple's iPad announcement last week and Microsoft's commercial launch of its cloud platform Azure yesterday prove it is very much alive in the tech industry.

Apple vs. Oracle, aka Toy Box vs. Board Room
OS Roundup: The contrast couldn't be any starker: On Wednesday, Oracle will tell the world why it means business, and Apple will likely show off some new playthings.

Google, Microsoft Spin PR Disaster Straw Into Gold
OS Roundup: Chinese hackers used a vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer to attack Google. PR disaster? Far from it. Both companies are now poised to benefit from the whole affair.

Google vs. Microsoft -- You Say You Want a Revolution
OS Roundup: Google might paint itself as benevolent market leader, but make no mistake, it's following the playbook written in Redmond. And Microsoft's not about to give up so easily. With the hype for Chrome OS growing, expect things to get ugly -- fast.

System z: Dinosaur or Phoenix?
OS Roundup: Cut prices enough and customers will eventually bite is a common tactic for those selling commodity goods -- not high-end mainframes. Yet IBM recently did just that when when it marked down and bundled System z. Is this a sign the mainframe has lost its luster, or will the move unlock new markets?

The Future of Unix Standards: Unix 10?
Open Group execs discuss Unix's direction -- and what Linux's growth means for the platform's future.

10 OSes on the Move
OS Roundup: SCO and NetWare face extinction; Ubuntu may or may not hit the big leagues. Who else will win or lose big in the coming decade?

Why Open-Source Software Vendors Should Charge More
OS Roundup: As Unix's market share declines, Windows is gaining seats faster than Linux. One theory is that many enterprise decision makers perceive a higher price tag as an indicator of higher quality.

FreeBSD Shines While Apple Fails
OS Roundup: FreeBSD's response to a recent bug presents a sharp contrast to how Apple handles similar issues.

Are Blue Skies Ahead for Microsoft Azure?
OS Roundup: Microsoft is heading for the cloud, but its mission will not be without turbulence.

Lack of Innovation a Commonality for Microsoft, Apple
Is innovation overrated? Both Windows and Mac OS X have found success by borrowing from each other and building on it -- a model not that dissimilar from Linux and the open source software movement.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager: Salvation or Achilles Heel
OS Roundup: Red Hat last week released its eagerly awaited Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Servers and the corresponding hypervisor. Exciting? Perhaps, but Red Hat users need not apply.

Apple Hits the Windows Wall
OS Roundup: Windows 7 has been out for barely two weeks, and its market share already rivals that of Mac OS X, despite years of marketing and strategizing on Apple's part. Does Windows stand a chance of being dethroned?

Apple Dumps ZFS, as File Systems Battle Heats Up
OS Roundup: Apple last Friday announced ZFS would not be making an appearance in Snow Leopard. An interesting choice, given that some believe when the Sun-Oracle deal closes, the new entity may have the two most powerful file systems around.

Windows 7: On the Tarmac, Ready for Lift Off
OS Roundup: Windows 7 launches in two days time. For many organizations its debut won't be welcome.

Recent Foibles Expose Dark Side of Cloud Computing
OS Roundup: The operating system isn't nearly as important as the data, yet neither Microsoft nor Apple seems to realize this. When it comes to protecting your data, you're your own best defense.

Red Hat's Deltacloud at Tip of Epic Change
OS Roundup: With arguments against cloud computing becoming irrelevant, Red Hat and other OS vendors are scrambling for slots as key players in the 21st Century data center -- wherever it may reside.

Sun's Kick in the Shins
OS Roundup: While the world waits for Oracle's acquisition of Sun, IBM and HP aren't wasting any time going after Sun's customer base. Will there be a place for Sun hardware or Solaris when the sale completes, and does Oracle care?

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