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Top 10 Linux Server Distributions of 2018
The Top 10 Linux server operating system distros ranked by ease of use, cost, available support and data center reliability.

Top 10 Linux Server Distributions of 2015
The Top 10 Linux server operating system distros ranked by ease of use, cost, available support and data center reliability.

Virtual Doesn't Have to Mean a Performance Hit
AMD set out to prove that through collaboration with platform vendors and today's multi-core processors, virtualization doesn't necessarily mean a performance penalty.

Sudo 1.8 Brings Pluggable Policies to Root Access Control
If Sudo is part of your toolkit, and it should be, it's time to upgrade and start taking advantage of the new features in this latest version.

Use Zenity to GUI-Up Scripts
Not everyone is comfortable with a command-line interface. If you're writing scripts for users who prefer to work from a GUI, check out Zenity, a GNOME utility that provides simple GUI dialogs from a shell script.

Still Think Linux Is Just for Start-Ups?
The London Stock Exchange switches to Suse Linux, and the Financial Times asks if this is indicative of a bellwether trend. A case of stalwart paper being behind the time, or do some enterprises truly believe Linux is just for start ups?

A User's-Eye View of Open-Xchange
Making a break from Microsoft Exchange? The groupware suite Open-Xchange looks good from a licensing and cost perspective, but how does it stack up from an end-user perspective?

10 Advantages of SAN vs. DAS
SAN has many advantages over DAS in your data center. Here are 10 reasons to consider making the leap from local storage to a SAN.

5 Reasons Nokia Won't Save Microsoft's Mobile OS
Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up in the hope of at last conquering the smartphone market. Many are calling this a last ditch effort for both the phone maker and the OS vendor to have any sort of presence in this complex market. Here's why the venture is likely to fail.

Use Logger to Write Messages to Log Files
Want a quick and easy way to write to system logs? Check out logger, an shell utility that works with syslog. Don't let its ease of use cause you to overlook its value.

VMware Widens Road to the Hybrid Cloud
VMware added a lane in its highway to the cloud with three new cloud provider partners and vCloud Connector, which bridges the private cloud to the public cloud.

5 Key Things to Know About Debian 6.0 'Squeeze'
Wrap your arms around the five biggest changes in the latest release of Debian -- everything you need to know about version 6 of the open source server OS.

Linux Looks to Apple Model
Want to deploy Linux on your servers without pulling your hair out? There may soon be an app for that. A consortium of Linux developers representing the major distros is developing an app installer system that will allow users from any distro to browse an application store, read ratings, and click on a button to download and install an application -- much like Apple's model.

Use OfflineIMAP to Sync Email on the Go
Having a working email system in place is key to the lifeblood of most system administrators. Those looking beyond Outlook will find much to like in Mutt, particularly OfflineIMAP, whose functionality is exactly as its name implies.

10 Workloads That Should Never Go in a Public Cloud
Security is the primary reason you should never consider deploying any these 10 workloads to a public cloud.

Apple Moves to Ditch Corporate Baggage
Bye-bye, Xserve. Is the Cupertino gadget-maker getting ready to admit defeat and axe its OS X Server product line altogether? A key indicator will be whether a server edition of OS X Lion, the next version of OS X, is released this summer.

Generate Secure Passwords With Pwgen
Coming up with good passwords is never easy. Enter Pwgen, a utility that generates random (but pronounceable) passwords.

Dell, HP Roll Out Virtual Solutions
Dell and HP announced new software offerings designed to make managing virtual environments easier. Is the future for server manufacturers virtual?

5 Operating Systems Starting 2011 With a Bang
2011 has only just begun, and already there is plenty going on in the world of OS software. From Apple OS X Lion to Microsoft Windows 8, here are the top 5 noteworthy OS developments.

Setting Up Linux Cgroups
Initially developed to limit resource usage in the Linux kernel, cgroups can do much more than that. Unfortunately, as handy as they are, cgroups are neither straightforward nor user friendly. Scaling the learning curve to set up and manage them is well worth it, however. These basic tips will get you started.

10 Cloud-Based Services You Can't Live Without
If 2011 is 'The Year of The Cloud,' then it's time to get serious about cloud-based services. Will it be private cloud, public cloud, or a mixture of the two for your organization?

Introduction to Linux Cgroups
Cgrpoups is a feature initially developed to limit resource usage in the Linux kernel. But it can do much more, including tweak memory, bandwidth and CPU usage of system processes as well as deny access to system resources.

Does CPTN Spell the End for Open Source Software?
As part of the sale of Novell to Attachmate, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and EMC have done the unlikely: They've joined together under the CPTN banner to acquire more than 800 patents. Is the OSI right to be concerned that this could be the beginning of the end?

More Yum Plugins: Security and Package Priority
Yum Plugins make it easy to extend the open source tool's functionality. The security plugin and the priorities plugins are a great place to start.

Managing Yum Plugins
Yum is one of the most widely used package management tools, but many users don't know that Yum has a plugin system to extend its capabilities. Learn how to add some very useful features by extending this open source tool.

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