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Outsourced Data Center Jobs -- Perception vs. Reality
Outsourcing and its impact on data center jobs is a contentious topic. Oftentimes it's difficult to separate myth from truth.

7 Questions to Help Land Your Dream Data Center Job
Got questions? Here's what to ask and what to keep to yourself when interviewing for a data center job.

Motivated Employees Make for a Successful Company
Most execs know that having a loyal, motivated staff is critical to a company's success, but when business conditions are rough, it's hard to put that into practice.

Salaries for Data Center Jobs Stay Flat
Too many potential employees and too few data center jobs equals a market filled with salary stagnation.

5 Employees Every Data Center Needs
With staffing budgets remaining tight, here are five employee types that help ensure all those jobs in the data center get done.

10 Must-Have Certs for Landing Your Dream Data Center Job
If you're looking for a job in a data center involving software, networking or security, you probably already know there are ample certifications from which to choose. Finding a cert is the easy part; determining which will lead to the most career advancement is trickier.

Second Quarter Looks Bright for Data Center Jobs
A recent survey finds most CIOs optimistic about staffing for data center jobs next quarter, particularly for positions that employ networking, database and security skills.

Data Center Jobs in Demand: IT Security
When it comes to data center jobs, IT security is the place to be. Salaries are on the rise as demand for security pros grows.

10 Things Not to Do When Interviewing for Your IT Dream Job
Have a pair of flip-flops you think matches perfectly with your interview suit? Thinking of asking the interviewer to join you for a drink after? Think these things haven't been done? In all three cases, you'd be mistaken.

Companies Slow to Hire IT Staff
When it comes to hiring for an IT job, diverse skill sets are in demand, as are the usual suspects.

More Slacking Off in Data Center Jobs
IT employees are increasingly opting not to go the extra mile and are instead calling it quits after fulfilling the basic duties of their data center jobs.

IT Salaries Inch Upward
A new survey finds companies offering modest wage increase to retain key staff. Is this a sign of more good things to come?

3 Areas Where It's Critical to Think Like a CFO
The secret to getting your project approved is to evaluate it the way the CFO will.

Top 10 IT Skill Sets Primed for Growth in 2010
Despite a sluggish IT job market, some IT skills are very much in demand. Do you have what it takes?

Is Your Data Center an Ugly Baby?
Cover Your Assets: It's time to face the ugly truth about your data center, aka 'baby.' Things may seem pristine on the surface, but despite the neatly organized racks, and fans blowing and lights blinking, everything is a mess. Here's one company's tale.

2010 Salaries Revealed
Results of Datamation's survey of 2010 salaries are in. Find out what you can command on the open market.

Is It Lights-Out for Your Data Center?
Cover Your Assets: A new data center trend might be your light at the end of the tunnel.

4 Tips for Leading Employees Through a Turnaround
How you manage your team during the economic recovery is critical. Here are some cost-free ways to keep staff members motivated and committed.

When Frugality Hurts: The Pain of Cutting Resources to the Quick
Cover Your Assets: How do you know when you've trimmed too much budget, too much staff and consequently, too much profit? Because it hurts when you do that.

The Mainframe's Youthful Injection
The death of the mainframe is a perennial conversation topic for IT pundits. Not only is it still alive and kicking, but young developers are being sought to extend its lifetime.

Leadership Means Taking the Lead
Being a leader requires more than simply sitting behind a desk reading reports.

4 Trends Every IT Hiring Manager Needs to Know
The market is not as one sided as you might think -- employees still have some say in their destinies.

Geeks Gone Wild
A how-to guide for developers looking to expand their social networks.

More Workers Finding New Jobs
Laid off workers are finding new gigs, even if the economy has been slow to improve.

Top 100 IT Freelance Jobs
From Twitter to RSS skills, a recent report from Elance details the hottest freelance tech hiring trends.

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