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Surviving the Technical Interview
SWatch Reader Favorite! It seems there is no quicker way to strike terror in the heart of an IT professional (or aspiring IT pro) than to speak those ominous words: 'First, you'll need to pass a technical interview.'

The 5 People You Meet in the Data Center
Whether you're a sys admin who needs physical access to a server in the data center or a business owner moving your data center to the cloud, it is important to meet the people who support and maintain your data center.

2011 IT Salaries: How Much Are You Really Worth?
Datamation's 2011 IT Salary Guide is out. The lists salaries for various IT professionals, from software developers to IT systems administrators. Find out what you can expect to earn, should you decide to look for a new gig in the new year.

7 Sources, 6 Steps -- Your Guide to Riding the Career Wave
If you want to move up the IT ladder, it is critical to keep an eye on up and coming trends. Here's where to look and how to interpret what you see.

Survey Finds Small Increase in Fourth Quarter IT Jobs
A recent survey found CIOs planning to add a minuscule net increase in jobs in the fourth quarter. With 6 percent planning to cut and 9 percent looking to add, the IT job outlook remains far from rosy.

4 Steps Every CIO Must Take to Get Ahead
Want to move up in the C-level hierarchy? With these four resume builders, that big corner office you've been dreaming of will be within reach.

Nominations Period Opens for CEO Vision Awards 2010 is now accepting nominations for the 2010 CEO Vision Awards.

4 Big Data Center Migration Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
If you can avoid these four major mistakes when moving your data center, you'll avoid downtime for both your servers and your career.

The 10 Best Data Center Education and Certification Opportunities
It's time to trade-in your sheepskin for a practical education -- and a paycheck. Learn which certs will give you the best return on your investment.

IT Salary Survey: Truth or Fiction?
A recent Internet-based survey from Glassdoor compiles salary data from 90,000 companies, but how reliable is it?

8 Head-Scratching IT Help Desk Requests
Think all help desk tickets are IT-related? Here are eight that will leave you wondering whether everyone with a PC understands how to power it on or off.

Listen Up, Data Center Managers!
You can ask 'can you hear me now?' of your data center managers, but the real question to ask is 'are you listening?'

The Importance of Being Multilingual -- in OSes
Whether it seems trivial or obvious, being schooled in only one OS is detrimental to your career.

IT Workers Optimistic About Data Center Job Growth
A recent survey from Harris Interactive reveals a 'sharp rise' in technology employees' confidence related to the economy and the IT jobs market.

Find the Perfect Employee for That Hard-to-Fill Data Center Job
In need of IT talent for that hard-to-fill data center job? Start your search by looking at the people you already have.

IT Firms See Blue Skies for Second Half 2010
A recent survey finds many IT firms anticipate revenue during the second half of 2010 will outpace the first six months of the year. Will hiring follow suit?

25 IT Job Sites to Kick Start Your Job Search
Get the most out of your search for your IT dream job by starting with one of these sites.

5 Tips for Navigating the Current IT Job Market
The most desirable IT hires are those who continuously sharpen their skills, build their networks and keep themselves visible to employers. Here's how to do that.

Is Overspecialization Bringing the IT Department to Its Knees?
The sysadmin of yesteryear, who knew where everything was and how it worked, is no more. Now, teams dominate the data center, and significant knowledge gaps are taking a toll.

Remaining Relevant, Steps to Take to Keep Your Data Center Job Secure
It's not enough simply to do your data center job done well. It is also critical to establish yourself in an IT leadership role.

The ROI of That Data Center Management Job IT
It's a long-held belief that investing in employees yields no ROI. It's time to debunk that myth.

Software Sector Sees Brighter Tomorrow
Survey says cloud computing, hardware refresh cycles and general optimism about the overall economy will bring good news to the software industry in the form of increased sales, profits and employment.

Fewer Data Center Jobs Mean Technology Delays for Enterprises
Many IT departments lack the staff and skill sets to upgrade their enterprise's technology infrastructure.

Looking for the Data Center Management Job Big Bucks?
Data center management job may pay the highest salaries in Northern California, but the cost of living expenses there are equally high. How does your city rate, and how should you decide where to live.

Data Center Management Job Diagnosis: Healthy
Despite some minor erosion due to the ongoing the economic downturn, IT manager salaries and benefits remain healthy.

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