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IBM Expands "Move2Lotus" Program to Include Solaris

IBM Corporation announced the 'Move2Lotus' program has been expanded to include tools and technology to help customers migrate to IBM Lotus Domino on Sun Microsystems Solaris-based platforms.

Sun Embraces InfiniBand Technology for Next-Generation Data Center

Sun Microsystems announced its intention to leverage InfiniBand technology in the build out of next-generation data center infrastructure. The company will incorporate the open interface standard into future server, software, and storage products.

Digex Announces Solaris Support

Digex announced the expansion of its database offerings with support for IBM's DB2 Universal Database software on Solaris.

SolarMetric Releases New Version of Kodo JDO

Kodo JDO is designed to enable databases to talk to any Java application without expensive and tedious coding and upkeep.

NetManage Unveils OnWeb Host Publishing for Solaris

New Solaris support in OnWeb Host Publishing is designed to help developers build and deploy applications on Unix for scalability and reliability.

Cape Clear Releases Next-Generation Product Suite

Cape Clear this week released Cape Clear 4, its next-generation product suite for Web services development, integration, deployment, and management.

Sanctum Extends Web Services Security With Apache Testing

Sanctum this week announced a new AppScan 3.5 subscription to enable Apache developers and users to identify and fix new vulnerabilities in XML Web services technologies.

MITRE Issues New Standard for Computer Vulnerability Assessment

MITRE Corp. recently presented the Open Vulnerability Assessment Language, a new standard for how computer vulnerabilities are identified on local systems. Solaris 7 is among the initial supported platforms.

Moonlight Systems Unveils Server Troubleshooting Platform

Moonlight Systems recently unveiled a downloadable evaluation version of its Moonlight4 product. The software performs automated server troubleshooting, configuration management, and distribution.

CodeWeavers Announces CrossOver Office Server Edition 1.3.1

CodeWeavers recently announced its latest CrossOver Office Server enables Solaris and Linux clients to run Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and a variety of other Windows applications.

Compuware Enhances Abend-AID Fault Manager

Version 3.0 of Abend-AID Fault Manager includes Solaris support and allows reports and graphs to be scheduled and sent in e-mail form.

Tek-Tools Ships Storage Profiler 2.4

The new version of the enterprise storage resource management application boosts performance and adds DNS monitoring, uptime monitoring, scheduled reports, duplicate files, and enterprise reports.

Canto Introduces Web Publisher Pro

Canto this week released Web Publisher Pro, a new product that runs on Solaris and lets users publish catalogs and market digital assets on dynamic Web pages on the Internet.

Covalent Announces Upcoming Web Seminar

Covalent's next Web seminar, 'An Introduction to Apache 2.0,' is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, 2002.

Telaine Introduces Agentless CIM Storage Resource Management Tool

With Telaine Observer, IT professionals can employ an agentless solution to discover, manage, and track storage resources across the enterprise.

Apache Server Project Releases mod_python 3.0.1

Last week the Apache Software Foundation and Apache HTTP Server Project made mod_python 3.0.1 available via download.

SGI and LightSand Offer Transcontinental Shared Data Access

A combined SGI and LightSand offering now provides instant access to terascale data via a high-speed multi-operating-system file system over a WAN. SGI CXFS enables multiple computers running different operating systems to access a single shared 64-bit file system within a SAN or WAN.

Tripwire to Release Network Management Software for Solaris

A Solaris-based version of Tripwire for Network Devices will hit the shelves next week. Version 2.5 of the software is designed to assure the integrity and security of routers, switches, and firewalls,

Farpointer Adds Automated Session Management for Apache

Farpointer's recently announced iConductor server module is designed to interact with HTML files to enable session tracking via any URL.

Tarantella to Support Sun ONE Portal Server

Tarantella announced support for Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0. This release of the Tarantella Integration Pack for Sun ONE Portal Server coincides with the release of the latest Tarantella Enterprise 3 software, version 3.3, and includes Solaris support.

S2 Sets 12-Way Performance Level on Sun Platform

S2 Systems released stats on its latest performance and scalability test running on the Sun Fire platform. The results demonstrate the ability of OpeN/2 to process 3,500 or more online transactions per second in a distributed and multinode environment with an average of 78 percent server utilization.

OGIS Introduces Integration Platform for Web Services

OGIS's new XGrotto Platform is designed to help users find new Web services while helping developers integrate SOAP, WSDL, and XML-based Web services.

Veritas Software Speeds Up Solaris 15-Fold

Benchmarking undertaken by Veritas Software Corporation found that enterprises using Veritas storage software with Solaris 9 experience 15 times faster computing performance and improved system reliability than those running the native software provided with the operating system.

Mindreef Releases SOAPscope Personal 1.0

SOAPscope Personal 1.0 from Mindreef is a Web services diagnostics system designed to offer an easy-to-use, platform-independent diagnostics aid for developers, testers, and application support technicians.

Muonics Releases MIB Smithy 1.1 Visual MIB Design Software

MIB Smithy offers SNMP developers, Management Information Base designers, and Internet draft authors a visual GUI-based environment for designing, editing, and compiling modules. Version 1.1 adds MIB validation capabilities, 'best common practice' design, and potential issues that may limit compatibility with some MIB compilers.

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