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Dell Promises 'Cheaper, Faster, Easier'

Dell's 12G launch highlights more power and speed for not-so-much more money.

Microsoft in Open Source Partnership

An agreement with middleware maker JBoss marks a new high temperature in the thawing of Redmond.

Sun Goes Large for Open Source

Code releases for application and enterprise server are only the beginning, execs promise.

Windows Server Goes Head to Head With RHEL

The latest test in Redmond's Get the Facts campaign pits Microsoft's server against Red Hat's.

The Open-Sourcing of Cobalt

Is Sun's release of code for its defunct Cobalt line a gift to the open source community, or a responsibility-dump?

Sun's Cobalt Line Officially Gone

Sun Microsystems took the last of its Cobalt line of server appliances off the shelves this week.

Dell Touts 'Madison' for Clusters

Dell Wednesday unveiled the PowerEdge 3250, its latest high-performance server. The PowerEdge 3250 is also the first publicly announced server to support Intel's next-generation Itanium chip.

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