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SAP Acquires Ariba, Gains Cloud Business Commerce

The acquisition establishes SAP as the leading business network, adding business-to-business collaboration to its existing solutions. 

New Version of Oracle VM Server for x86 Improves Storage Availability

Release 3.1 of Oracle VM Server for x86 offers enhanced ease of use for virtualization administrators and improves storage availability.

Oracle Enhances Desktop Virtualization, Expands Storage Options

Improvements to Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Sun Ray server software offer a broader range of storage options.

Phantom Virtualization Tap Supports Multiple Hypervisors

Net Optics extends support across Xen, Oracle VM, vSphere 5 and KVM.

IT Managers Still Struggling with Server Virtualization Technology

New research indicates that nearly 90 percent of IT managers struggle with backing up data in virtualized environments.

IBM Offers New PowerLinux Servers and Business Apps

Two new PowerLinux Servers help IBM address customers’ Linux application needs.

Microsoft Server and Tools Business Boasts Double-Digit Growth

Microsoft's Server & Tools business posts $4.57 billion in third-quarter revenue, driven largely by significant increases in SQL Server and System Center revenue.

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.2 Released

This version of Apache is the second GA release of the new generation 2.4.x branch of Apache HTTPD.

New Hitachi Compute Blade Servers for Virtualized Infrastructures

The Hitachi Compute Blade 500 is a high-density 6U rack mount blade server system with a chassis that supports up to 8 server blades.

Emerson Announces New Transformer-Based UPS

The Liebert NXL 1100kVA/1100kW UPS offers medium to large data centers a new level of operating efficiency.

Study: SMBs Not Prepared for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Only 32 percent of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) believe they have adequate technologies to execute effective backup and disaster recovery.

Apache Tomcat 7.0.27 Released

This release is includes significant new features as well as a number of bug fixes compared to version 7.0.26.

New PowerBroker Servers Manage Privileged Access on Linux and UNIX

BeyondTrust's new servers seamlessly manages Linux and UNIX privileged access across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

OCZ Deneva 2 Series SSDs to Be Deployed in Scientific Computing Server Project

The JHU project comprises a system of nearly one hundred servers using hundreds of OCZ Deneva 2 SSDs, regular hard disk drives and two tiers for storage and computing.

Fujitsu Completes Oakleaf-FX Supercomputer Construction

Oakleaf-FX is one of the few petaflops-class systems in the world.

Apache HTTP Server: Proof Open Source is Secure

An interview with William A. Rowe Jr.

Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.33 Released

Tomcat Connectors 1.2.33 offers improved support for HTTPD 2.4 and many new features and bug fixes.

Zing JVM Adds Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

The Zing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is now fully qualified on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11.

Apache HTTP Server 2.2.22 Released

New release is essentially a security and bug fix release.

A New Spin on DoS Web Server Attacks

A slow HTTP denial-of-service (DoS) attack drags out the process to overwhelm the server.

NextComputing Announces Nucleus Server For Small Spaces

The small pedestal server is optimized for full-scale server deployments.

Managing a Home-Based Apache Web Server

How to set up a Web server from home using the free Apache web server, running Windows or Linux.

Racemi Unlocks Cloud Server Migration

Racemi Cloud Path is key to removing cloud computing service provider lock-in.

Top Virtualization Backup and Recovery Features

Ten must-have features when looking for a backup and recovery solution for virtual infrastructures.

Data Center Management Tips: Budgeting For 2012

There are a number of areas for data center budgeting that are worth reviewing for the new year.

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