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OpenStack Security Project Aims to Protect the Open-Source Cloud

The OpenStack Security project adds new tools and processes to help secure OpenStack technologies. The project technical leader offers insight on the program. 

Docker 1.10 Designed to Bolster Container Security

The upcoming Docker 1.10 open-source container engine will include a default seccomp profile, providing improved security controls.

HP Support is Always On

New set of support offerings could end the need for the on-site IT support staff.

Dell Banking on Major Server Refresh

Dell delivers record financial results for its fiscal 2012 year and has big plans ahead for its next generation of servers.

Apache 2.4 Delivers More Performance

Open source web server celebrates 17 years with a major new release that includes new cloud capabilities and speed that is 'better' than nginx

Red Hat Graduates Deltacloud for the Open Cloud

Apache Deltacloud project graduates from the Incubator as Red Hat emphasizes the need for the open cloud, which they claim isn't VMware.

NGINX Adds Support for Open Source Web Server

Open source web server platform adds new set of commercial support offerings.

FreeBSD 9.0 Delivers More Power to Serve

Latest open source FreeBSD release provides new storage, security, networking features

Red Hat Advances Server Resource Control with RHEL 6.2

Updated enterprise Linux release improved performance and resource control.

OpenSUSE 12.1 Gets Snappy Release

New Linux distribution release debuts with Google Go and personal cloud features.

Red Hat Expands OpenShift PaaS for Cloud Development

Platform as a Service offering advances with some new Java dev features, but it's still not open source (yet).

Fastest Supercomputer Breaks 10 Petaflop Barrier

Japan's K Computer is the most powerful supercomputer on Earth

Oracle Debuts Solaris 11

First Unix release from Oracle now officially available, delivering what Oracle execs call, the world's first Cloud OS.

Oracle Takes on VMware with Oracle VM 3.0

Oracle looks to advance its server virtualization technology with new management capabilities and performance enhancements.

HP Joins OpenStack

HP joins Dell, Citrix, Cisco, Ubuntu and more than 86 other vendors in the land-grab rush for open source stack superemacy.

VMware Realizes Big Revenues from Virtualization

Virtualization vendor wants users to 'pay by the drink' as new pricing model set to take hold.

Does VMware's New Pricing Make Virtualization More Expensive?

Red Hat accuses VMware of raising prices on virtualization, VMware disagrees.

VMware Launches vSphere 5

Cloud Infrastructure Suite debuts with new automation and security capabilities that helps deal with both noisy and nosey neighbors.

Apache Traffic Server 3.0 Accelerates Performance

New release of open source proxy caching server promises a nearly threefold improvement in requests per second.

Citrix Adopts OpenStack for Project Olympus

Citrix formally announces the name and direction of their OpenStack open source cloud virtualization stack initiative

This Week's Linux Top 5: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Attachmate and More

Red Hat rolls out new cloud services at the Red Hat Summit, Ubuntu's CTO calls it quits, Attachmate makes some post-acquisition moves and takes aim at the Mono Project, and more.

Brocade Launches CloudPlex Stack

Brocade's new open cloud stack embraces OpenStack's open source cloud computing platform while also going after Cisco's vBlocks.

Ubuntu 11.04 Tiptoes Into OpenStack

Ubuntu 11.04 server release adds new cloud platform, but it isn't abandoning Eucalyptus just yet.

HP Backs Intel Westmere EX and Itanium

HP is jumping on the bandwagon supporting the new Intel Xeon E7 chips, but that doesn't mean it's leaving Itanium behind.

HP: Itanium Is Not Dead

Oracle claims Intel is ending Itanium. HP and Intel respond.

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