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Server Market Trends 2019

The server market continues its robust growth in 2019. Learn about the key trends and market statistics shaping the server market for the near term future.

What is Load Balancing?

Load balancing is an an essential component of modern application delivery and server deployment. Learn more about load balancing in this in-depth guide.

What is Server Management?

Server management is critical to the success of IT operations, but what is it all about and how can server management services and tools help your business?

ManageEngine OpManager Plus: Product Overview and Insight

Organizations can get real-time failure insights as well as performance metrics, from OpsManager Plus, among other core infrastructure monitoring features.

Best Server Monitoring Software & Tools for 2020

These leading server monitoring vendors can handle virtually any type of workload. This in-depth ServerWatch roundup lists eight of the leading server monitoring vendor technologies.

Zabbix: Product Overview and Insight

Users can get started for free with the open source Zabbix platform and then scale up commercial support options as needed.

LogicMonitor Server Monitoring Software: Product Overview and Insight

LogicMonitor is one of the fastest options for getting a server monitoring infrastructure up and running. It offers an automated discovery feature that uses different protocols to rapidly find devices and applications so they can be monitored.

Solarwinds SAM: Product Overview and Insight

Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) provides organization with core capabilities needed to manage both server and application infrastructure.

Datadog Server Monitoring Software: Product Overview and Insight

The Datadog service provides a layered set of data visualizations, helping organizations to correlate root cause and performance issues across multiple sets of disparate metrics.

Paessler PRTG: Product Overview and Insight

PRTG wins high marks from many organizations for being easy a user friendly choice for monitoring servers and other IT infrastructure.

Nagios XI Server Monitoring: Product Overview and Insight

Nagios is a great choice for server administrators looking for an open source based solution with a broad range options and a large community of users.

Zenoss: Product Overview and Insight

Zenoss is among the leading solutions for monitoring, with a robust set of integrations, known as ZenPacks, to help organizations connect to servers and services they want to watch.

What is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is a foundational element for modern data centers and the cloud, but what is the underlying technology and how can it help your business?

IBM Introduces Q System One Quantum Computer

IBM takes the wraps off what it is calling the world's first commercial Quantum computer.

Intel Showcases Ice Lake 10nm Silicon Innovation

While 10nm server silicon won't be out until 2020, that isn't stopping Intel from talking about it now, even as its 14nm Cascade Lake server chips debut.

How Docker Engine Works to Enable Containers

At Dockercon Europe 2018, Docker details how its namesake technology is now structured.

How SUSE Organizes Its Server Linux Operating Systems

VIDEO: SUSE CTO Thomas Di Giacomo explains how the Linux vendor organizes and builds its operating system portfolio.

Linux 4.20 Kernel Release Caps a Busy 2018 for Linux

2018 saw six new major Linux kernel releases and a substantial amount of innovation to boost the open source server operating system.

Six Key Components That Enable Kubernetes

Kubernetes is made up of many different inter-related concepts and abstractions that help to enable the container orchestration platform.

Global Server Revenues Top $23.4B in 3Q18

According to IDC, Worldwide Server Market revenue continued to grow in the third quarter of 2018, with Dell holding down the top spot.

How Epic Games Uses Kubernetes to Power Fortnite Application Servers

At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2018, an Epic Games engineer explains why the world's most popular game is now running on Kubernetes.

Why Kubernetes Is Successful and Boring

Kubernetes is now a boring technology, and according to the co-chair of the KubeCon NA 2018 conference, that's a very good thing.

How AWS Lambda Serverless Works

Serverless technology offers the promise of lower cost and improved efficiency, but how does Amazon actually make it all work?

Why Docker Swarm Remains Important

At Dockercon Europe 2018, Docker reaffirms its commitment to its own Swarm container orchestration, alongside Kubernetes.

VMware CEO Looks to Show New Dimensions in 2019

VMware reports growing revenues as hybrid, multi-cloud opportunities expand.

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