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IBM Offers Performance Protection Plan on AS/400e

IBM today announced performance protection for customers implementing new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions on AS/400e servers. Offers two-year plan that the server will perform at a predetermined level.

Sun Completes Acquisition of Cobalt Networks

Sever developer becomes server appliance business unit of Sun.

Apache 1.3.9 Now Available

The Apache Group has released the 1.3.9 version of the Apache HTTP server, including a version for Windows. Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April of 1996. It is more widely used than all other web servers combined according to the Netcraft Web Server Survey for August 1999.

iPic Web Server Aims to Make Toaster-Net a Reality

Believed to be the world's tiniest implementation of a TCP/IP stack and a HTTP web-server the iPic Web Server is a complete micro-computer on a single chip. And at less than $1, it seems poised to get your next toaster talking to you through the internet.

Halcyon Releases ASP Servlet

Halcyon Software, has released Instant ASP (iASP) version 1.01, a Java Servlet that supports both Active Server Pages (ASP) and JavaServer Pages (JSP) development and cross-platform deployment. iASP provides Microsoft-compatible ASP functionality and capability on Web servers, application servers, and operating system platforms - from NT to Sun, Novell, AIX, AS/400, S/390, Apple, OS/2 and Linux to Apache, Netscape, Websphere, and more.

IBM Announces Server Designed for Lotus Domino

The new IBM AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino is built to run multiple Domino applications with greater security and reliability. They can run Domino applications, connect people through e-mail, collaborate on projects or host a Web site -- all on a single server.

Linux World Paper: Low Cost Embedded Network Appliances

Moreton Bay's chief software person, Greg Ungerer is presenting a technical paper at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose, Calif., on Aug. 11, 1999. In the paper, "Building Low Cost Embedded Network Appliances With Linux," Ungerer presents Linux as the new standard for embedding in internet appliances and internet devices.

IBM Releases a Shark

IBM has announced the IBM Enterprise Storage Server -- code-named "Shark" -- a new enterprise disk storage system designed to provide universal access to data across enterprise computing environments.

Rebel.com unveils the NetWinder Office Server

Rebel.com Inc., has unveiled the NetWinder Office Server an internet server appliance providing small and medium-sized enterprises with Internet and intranet network support while offering interoperability, compatibility and ease of use. Based on the StrongARM RISC microprocessor and the Linux operating system, the NetWinder Office Server is configured with a range of network services and is ready for collaboration and communication through the enterprise and to the outside world.

Network Associates Ships CyberCop Sting

Network Associates, Inc. today announced the availability of its CyberCop Sting software, a new ``decoy'' server that silently traces and tracks hackers, recording and reporting all intrusive activity to security administrators. CyberCop Sting is a component of the CyberCop intrusion protection software family which also includes CyberCop Monitor, a real-time intrusion detection application that monitors critical systems and networks for signs of attack and CyberCop Scanner, a network vulnerability scanner.

AOLserver Ships as Open Source

AOLserver has been released as a stripped down open-source server. Many of the features that were causing the software to bloat through three incarnations from NaviServer to GNN before AOLserver have been removed. Many of these features were not being used on AOLserver's highest volume sites, including aol.com.

MeetingPoint 4.0 Ships

White Pine has released MeetingPoint server version 4.0 for enhanced IP-based videoconferencing and group collaboration.

White Paper: "Internet Guardians" emerging as new security solution.

The Aberdeen Group has released a White Paper concerning a new, integrated security solution that is emerging from the combination of existing component technologies. Internet Guardians - consisting of anti-virus, applet containment, e-mail filtering, URL filtering, content inspection, authentication, authorization, network privacy, auditing, and reporting - can be deployed for simultaneously shielding the enterprise from external threat, and enabling IS to reach new markets using popular e-mail and Web platforms. The Paper, entitled "The New Internet Guardians: Integrated Coverage, Better ROI", is available here. Users must register with Aberdeen Group to access the free report.

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