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Microsoft Broadens Cloud Appeal

The software giant rounded out its online productivity offerings, putting it once again in direct competition with perennial rivals.

Intel, Citrix Team on Virtualization

Will the marriage of Xen and vPro save IS departments money and improve security?

Can You Back Up Virtualized Systems Safely?

Virtualizing a system is much easier than backing it up and restoring it.

Cloud, Virtualization Attractive Target for Hackers

Malware authors and hackers may take aim at these developing enterprise technologies.

Sun Upgrades xVM VirtualBox, Shares Big Dreams

The vendor reveals its plans to become a major virtualization player with an improved desktop virtualization product.

IDC: Economy Will Force IT to Transform

In 2009, expect to see big deals and sprawling new enterprise offerings emerging in cloud computing, Web 2.0 and virtualization.

VMware, VDIworks Look to Virtual Desktops

Cutting costs and improving manageability is the name of the game with two new virtualization offerings.

IBM Sheds Light on Cloud Certification, Consulting Plans

Big Blue is taking even more aggressive route to the cloud. But will it help consolidate industry standards?

CA Debuts 'Mainframe 2.0' for Big Iron

Sales of mainframes are up, but the number of skilled administrators and managers is down. CA angles to be part of the solution

Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging, IBM's View From the Cloud

Big Blue has begun offering its popular enterprise messaging and groupware client as a hosted service. Will it be able to compete?

More IBM Tools Head for the Cloud

Big Blue is sprucing up its tools to help ISVs and clients collaborate and build their own cloud computing services.

HP Talks Up Rewards of Data Center Revamp

Rethinking data center design to lower costs and reduce power is paying off for HP and its customers.

VMware CEO Maritz Charts Virtualization's Future

IT infrastructure should be treated as 'a single giant computer on which applications can be provisioned in a more manageable, scalable way.'

VMware Looks to Spruce Up Virtual Appliances

New efforts aim to simplify and encourage enterprises' use of pre-built software delivered through the technology.

More Tools on the Virtualization Table

If HP, BMC and Fortisphere have their way, the lack of tools to manage virtualized environments will become a problem of the past.

VMware, Microsoft Decide to Play Nice

Virtualization newbie Microsoft and market leader VMware play nice, up to a point, with validation program.

Bug Befalls VMware

It had to happen sooner or later. VMware's hypervisor caught its first bug. The problem itself is relatively minor. More important is how VMware is handling it as well as its partners' and users' perceptions.

The Mainframe Lives On

Don't yet the naysayers fool you, with sales up and software development continuing, the mainframe is far from dead.

Virtual Standards Get Real

Citrix CTO Simon Crosby explains how emerging standards in virtualization are bringing enterprises closer to the promise of any where, any time computing.

Virtualization Tools Power Up

As enterprises continue investing heavily in virtual environments and infrastructure, more vendors are going live with tools to manage the proliferation. 3Leaf, Hyperic and SunGard announced new offerings this week.

Virtual Backup Strategy Becoming Ever More Important

Virtualization is rendering tried and true strategies for backup and recovery inadequate. Symantec explained why they're due for an overhaul.

Transitive Translates SPARC Solaris Apps on Windows

Deploying Hyper-V? Now you can run SPARC-based Solaris apps on x86 Windows servers without porting or recompiling.

Will Shakeup at VMware Lead to Shakeout?

It didn't take long for theories about Diane Greene's departure to begin circulating. Was the culprit bad blood or simple strategy? As a former Microsoft exec takes the helm, CEO speculations continue, this time about the company's future.

Rackspace Unveils PCI Compliance Bundle

With PCI Toolbox, Rackspace is aiming to put an end to the guessing game behind PCI solutions.

It's Release Candidate Time for VMware Server 2.0

VMware's entry-level virtualization package picks up a host of new features and comes one step closer to being production ready.

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