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Safer Apache Driving with AAA

Authentication/authorization/access control in Apache is due for a huge overhaul in Apache 2.1, the development branch that will eventually be released as Apache 2.2. Rich Bowen covers some of these changes and how they may affect your Apache server.

Apache Guide: For More Information ...

I get email every day asking for good sources for more information on a variety of things from Apache to CGI to mod_perl. So, this article is as much for me as for you -- so that I can email back a quick URL to answer their question. ... If you'd like more information on the Apache server, there are just a few places that are highly recommended.

Apache under Windows

Running Apache is a perfect solution for NT users. For those of us that are already familiar with Apache, there's nothing new to learn. For those of us that are in a multi-platform environment, we can run the same server on all of our servers, and have very few changes if we need to move something from one server to another. For those that are not yet familiar with Apache, there is very little that has to be learned to get started.

Apache Guide: Generating Fancy Directory Listings with mod_autoindex

Sometimes you want to give users a wider selection of files to load. If you want to spiff up the default file listings that Apache returns when an index file is unavailable, you can generate fancy directory listings. Rich Bowen explains how.

Apache Guide: Logging, Part 5: Advanced Logging Techniques and Tips

Rich Bowen ends his series on working with log files with some advanced log-file techniques, such as parsing software and file rotation, that you'll find useful in your daily Apache usage.

Apache Guide: Logging, Part 4 -- Log-File Analysis

The problem with log files is that they track an enormous amount of information -- not all of it much good to the people that pay your salary.

Apache Guide: Logging, Part 3 -- Custom Logs

In the beginning was the common log-file format, and it was good. But as Apache grew in popularity, its designers decided to expand upon the workhorse common format, thus leading us to an age where you can customize your log files. Rich Bowen explains how to do so.

Apache Guide: Logging, Part 2 -- Error Logs

Not all log files are the same. In this article, Rich Bowen looks at error log files, which can provide valuable information when your Apache Web server misbehaves.

Apache Guide: Logging with Apache--Understanding Your access_log

Apache keeps extensive track of your server usage via logfiles. In this article, Rich Bowen discusses logfiles and how you can get more useful information from them.

Apache Guide: Apache Authentication, Part 4

In Part 4 of his series on Apache authentication, Rich Bowen discusses how to enable authentication with a popular tool: Perl.

Apache Guide: Apache Authentication, Part 3

Rich Bowen continues his series on Apache authentication with an explanation of MySQL, a very popular database server, and using mod_auth_mysql to use MySQL to store your authentication information.

Apache Guide: Apache Authentication, Part 2

In the second part of his series on Apache authentication, Rich Bowen explains how to use databases for authentication, rather than the standard text-based authentication files.

Apache Guide: Apache Authentication, Part 1

Authentication is any process by which you verify that someone is who they claim they are. In this article, Rich Bowen introduces some basic methods of authenticating users under Apache.

Apache Guide: Setting Up Virtual Hosts

Need to make a single DSL connection look like a colocation facility? Then you'll want to look at setting up virtual hosts -- Web sites with different names that all run on the same server hardware. Rich Bowen explains three different methods of setting up virtual hosts on your Apache server.

Apache Guide: Configuring Your Apache Server Installation

After you've installed your Apache Web server, you probably will need to perform some configuration tasks specific to your needs. In this article, Rich Bowen covers the most common configuration tasks and how to accomplish them.

Apache Guide: The Newbie's Guide to Installing Apache

Are you a true Apache newbie, with literally no experience at installing and configuring Apache? Fear not: Rich Bowen is here to guide you through the process.

Apache Guide: Advanced SSI Techniques

In the third part of his series on Server Side Includes, or, SSI, Rich Bowen covers some advanced SSI techniques, including setting variables, expressing conditionals.

Apache Guide: Introduction to Server Side Includes, Part 2

In the next installment of his SSI series, Rich Bowen passes on some more advanced examples of how you can implement useful SSI features on your Apache Web server--complete with code.

Apache Guide: Introduction to Server Side Includes

This is the first of three articles dealing with Server Side Includes, usually called simply SSI. In this article, Rich talks about configuring your server to permit SSI and introduce some basic SSI techniques for adding dynamic content to your existing HTML pages.

Apache Guide: Dynamic Content with CGI

The CGI is the simplest, and most common, way to put dynamic content on your web site. This week's column will be an introduction to setting up CGI on your Apache Web server and getting started writing CGI programs.

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