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Software-Defined Data Centers Now More Than Just a Virtual Reality?

With the topic of software-defined data centers front and center among CIOs, where do SDDCs currently stand and what can we expect from them in the near future?

Sun May Surprise Its Critics

If you have Sun Microsystems in your 2009 corporate dead pool, you may be disappointed: The company is a survivor.

Server Virtualization Brings Fresh Life to DAS

Server virtualization is creating a new market for an old storage technology, as evidenced by HP's latest products.

HP's Storage Flash-Forward

HP looks ahead, becoming the latest company to throw its weight behind solid state storage technology.

FCoE, Security Loom Large at SNW

Fibre Channel over Ethernet product sightings and disk encryption top a long list of product news at this week's Storage Networking World show.

Dell Bypasses Tape With Disk Backup Appliance

Dell's new disk-based backup appliance is aimed at SMBs and branch offices, but whatever you do, don't call it a VTL.

Virtually Speaking: NetApp Ups the Virtual Storage Ante

Amid a tough environment for IT spending, Network Appliance is making a play for VMware storage business.

HP Tackles Power, Security

A slew of new products from the tech giant are designed to lower power costs and boost security.

Will Grid and Virtualization Converge?

Will grid computing become inseparable from virtualization and service-oriented architectures? Analysts from the 451 Group think so.

Storage in the Spotlight

Data management and protection were pervasive throughout this week's Storage Networking World.

Storage Market Slowdown

The storage market slowed in the second quarter, according to a Wall Street research report. Are Intel and AMD to blame?

New Linux-based Sun ONE Grid Engine

Sun Microsystems announced a new Linux version of Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software.

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