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Sometimes referred to as a type of middleware, application servers occupy a large chunk of computing territory between database servers and the end user, often connecting the two.

ManageEngine Takes Manageability to New Levels

ManageEngine's OpManager delivers affordable, out-of-the-box management for a wide variety of devices and software applications, ranging from printers to database applications to server hardware.

Monitoring Tools Profile: IBM Tivoli Monitoring

When it comes to server management and monitoring, IBM Tivoli Monitoring invariably comes in at or near the top of the big leagues. The product suite is Big Blue's ongoing effort to harness enterprise-level monitoring into a unified framework.

Monitoring Tools Profile: WhatsUp Premium Gold

SMBs looking for a server monitoring tool will find much of what they need in Ipswitch's WhatsUp Premium Gold software, an economical solution capable of monitoring a multitude of network devices and computer services.

Monitoring Tools Profile: BMC PATROL for Windows

BMC Software is a major player in the crowded IT software management arena. We kick off our examination of monitoring tools with a look at this big league player's PATROL for Windows Server.

Server Infrastructure Tools, Configuration Software

Configuration processes have many places where things can go awry. Not surprisingly, configuration tools are among the most difficult to choose and implement. We conclude our series of server infrastructure overviews with a look at these products.

Server Infrastructure Tools, Monitoring Software

Keeping an eye on your servers requires more than eyeballs. Server monitoring tools oversee server operation, traffic, and usage. We look at what organizations are monitoring and provide a matrix to help determine which products meet your needs.

Server Infrastructure Tools, Management Software

Server management tools are the hub of the server infrastructure, providing unified administrative services for a large number of servers. We look at the pros and cons of suites and specialist products, and offer a framework for evaluating these important tools.

Server Infrastructure Tools, The Basics

No matter how thought out the server purchasing process, a server room's potential is achieved only through careful management. Infrastructure tools are an essential component. We kick off a new series with an overview of server infrastructure tools.

Chatting Up an IM Management Strategy

Has instant messaging crept into your enterprise? Rather than banning it altogether, consider developing a management strategy that makes the most of this burgeoning real-time communication medium.

JBoss: A Robust, But Unpolished App Server

With 2 million downloads in 2002, the developer community has taken note of the open-source JBoss Java application server. Is it worth a look? Definitely, writes Nelson King, but don't expect a lot of hand-holding.

Weaving Your Way Through the Web Server Scene

Although sometimes described as the heartbeat of the Internet, Web servers don't often command the attention and glamour that other server types and software offerings receive. Nelson King explains why this is so, as well as overviews current trends and what's on the horizon for the Big Four Web servers -- Apache, IIS, Sun ONE, and Zeus.

Borland: The Dark Horse in the Application Server Market Share Race

Borland Enterprise Server: AppServer Edition is an underrated enterprise-level application server that distinguishes itself with excellent support of Java standards, good performance, and scalability, not to mention a tight fit with Borland's JBuilder application development environment.

Server Consolidation -- Beyond the Hardware

Hardware may be the most obvious component of server consolidation, but it's by far not the only one. This tutorial discusses how and why hardware, software, and human capital must be taken into account when considering undertaking such an endeavor.

What You Need to Know About Web Services

Although still in the introductory stage, Web services are already controversial. While software vendors almost unanimously proclaim Web services the wave of the future, numerous analysts and software developers remain skeptical. In this tutorial, Nelson King discusses the issues surrounding Web services and makes recommendations about ways organizations can prepare for them.

From Database to Web Page: Server Strategies When Turning Data Into Content

Nelson King offers guidance on transforming data in a database server into content on a Web server. This tutorial is aimed at users who are not necessarily HTML jockeys and are discovering that data management looms prominently in their future.

Navigating the Waters of Web Services With .Net

With many of the major .Net products scheduled for release in the first half of this year, Web services is on its way to being a business reality. Nelson King discusses some of the pros and cons of Microsoft's much hyped architecture and offers insight about what to watch for in the coming months.

Web Servers vs. App Servers: Choosing Between the Two

The point of any server is to serve data, but that doesn't mean that a Web server is the best tool for serving all data. For heavy tasks, an application server is more appropriate -- but how do you know when to scale up to an application server? In this tutorial, Nelson King discusses the situations where application servers are your best choice -- and where you should use a basic Web server to serve your data.

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