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Sun Revamps Its N1 Strategy

The company stalls a bit on its path to service heterogeneous environments.

Sun Takes 'Smarter Enterprise' to Washington

The company touts its grid, N1, storage and services as it searches for new government contracts.

Vendors Rally Around Dual-Core

IBM, HP, and Sun are dancing to the AMD beat while Dell sits this one out.

Sun Ships Refreshed Java Enterprise

The company takes a shot at Windows and HP-UX customers with its latest update.

Azul Ships Data Center Servers

The Silicon Valley-based startup has released a batch of servers that avoids 'rip and replace.

Mac OS X Tiger Poised to Strike

Apple's next-generation desktop and server operating system is on move. Its new focus? Improved compatibility, communication, and content.

Intel First to Ship Dual Core

The chipmaker has begun releasing its Pentium Extreme Edition 800-series — ahead of AMD's Opteron.

OpenSolaris Leadership Named

Five tech specialists have been set to task on building a self-governing community.

AMD Courts ISVs For 'Pacifica'

Microsoft, VMware, and XenSource have jumped onboard AMD's virtualization specification.

Intel Drives Xeon Servers Toward Truland

The company's 64-bit, multiprocessor platform is setting the stage for next year's dual-core models.

AMD Hopes Blades Will Slice Into Intel

HP, Sun and IBM look to be critical partners once the dual-core Opteron chips ship.

HP Vows Server, Storage Marriage

The company has partnered with Broadcom and Seagate to outfit its server and storage families with Serial Attached SCSI and RAID6.

Microsoft, Intel: The Time For 64-Bit is Now

New processors and features are being timed to coincide with Longhorn and other Windows x64 Editions.

AMD Claims Better Way for Server Upgrades

The company claims its new Open Platform Management Architecture trumps IPMI by targeting the interface between the server platform and its management subsystem.

Sun Returns to SPARC

The company put AMD talk on the back burner as it targets its latest UltraSPARC IV 1.35 GHz processor at the data center.

Sun's Trusted Solaris 10 Coming This Year

The company is betting big on its user rights management, predictive self-healing, Solaris containers, and a new cryptographic framework.

Intel, AMD Unleash New Wares

Intel and AMD released new chipsets this week. IBM and HP are the first of the major OEMs to promise product.

Intel Outlines 64-bit Roadmap

A 64-bit Pentium 4 will ship this month to take its place alongside the Xeon and Itanium families.

HP, Cisco Wield Data Center Blades

HP has sought out a trusted partner while it works on a switching solution of its own.

Sun Cracks Open Solaris

The company launches its OpenSolaris initiative with a new community, advisory board, and its DTrace application.

Is Transmeta Ripe for the Picking?

Fujitsu, Intel, Samsung, and Microsoft are being cited as possible takeover suitors.

Sun Stirs Up Open Source Projects

As the company prepares to release Solaris code, it is also mulling a modified Apache license for Jini.

HP Strengthens Integrity Line

The company is augmenting its new Itanium-based servers with improved service.

HP Exits Future Itanium Design

Intel scoops up the engineers, and HP spends $3 billion to refocus its efforts.

More Open Source for Sun in 2005

Solaris will be first, followed by other enterprise applications, company execs said.

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