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Web Servers of the Fortune 500: A Dissection and Analysis

A recent study of Web servers in the Fortune 500 caused a stir in the Apache community, as a Windows NT magazine attempted to argue that Fortune 500 usage of Microsoft IIS was overwhelming. Matthew Keller does some investigating and explains what the numbers really mean.

Web Automation: PHP vs. Perl vs. PHP

It's turning out to be the eternal debate in the Apache world: which is better, PHP or Perl? Both, according to Matthew Keller, who makes some compelling arguments for both.

Web Automation: Generating Dynamic Tables of Contents

It's one thing to create a dynamic directory index, as Matthew Keller did in his last column, but what if you want a table of contents that lists every index.html page? Fear not: Keller's latest installment tackles this very issue.

Web Automation: Dynamic Directory Indexing

On a daily basis, updating directory index pages is one of the most tiresome tasks there is. But fear not: in this column, Matthew Keller explains how a Perl script can automate this task for you--as well as updating all of those pages if the page name/location changes.

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