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To Outsource or Not to Outsource

Unsure about if outsourcing your DNS is worth it? Our latest tutorial on WebServer Compare defines some of the pros and cons of buying vs. building by using three examples of organizations with very different IT needs.

Holding the Internet Together With BIND

DNS can easily be described as the Rodney Dangerfield of the Internet; it doesn't get any respect! The DNS is so key that without it, the Internet would likely come to a screeching and moaning halt. Yet few people know how it works and how it functions.

DNS2Go: A Feature-Rich DNS Management Tool

While putting together our DNS tutorial, we came across many DNS management products.

The D-N-What: A Layman's Guide to the Domain Naming System

The Domain Naming System used on the Internet is a very complex. For most users, if the server that controls the names for Web sites, such as yahoo.com, goes down, the Internet connection is useless because 99.99% of Internet work is driven by domain names, and not IP addresses.

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